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1st Giveaway Winner Announced!
Last week we asked you to send us your entries.. a personal poem or haiku!

These were the entries...
Let us tell you.. it was REALLY hard to pick a winner!
Our staff picked their top 3, then we had to put those into a hat because we just couldn't choose
1st place winner is Tiffany B!
2nd Place Erika M.
3rd Place Bethany H.

1st Place (winner of the set!)
New baby skin -
Yours can be like that again!
Daily rituals
Add to your visuals
Vibrant skin is residual
Organic potions,
Serums, and lotions.
There is true wisdom
In the garden
If you’re open..
~ Tiffany B.
2nd Place (Add a microfiber to your next order with us)
Garden of Wisdom
Gives me a natural glow
like the morning dew.
No other skincare
Could ever compare to this.
It is like magic.
Reddit! Of all the
Places to find my brand new
Skincare addiction
You are a fan fave
Of all the ladies who post.
They rave about you.
~ Erika M.
3rd Place (Add a microfiber to your next order with us)
She is impenetrable
Yet permeable
My skin is more than one thing
Source of insecurities
Source of such beauty
My skin is more than one thing
If I take care of my skin
Will she care for me
I put my faith in nature
~ Bethany H.
These are the runners up!
You keep my skin clean,
Very difficult how I live,
Garden of Wisdom.
~Kenya L.
my parched summer skin
seeking moisture
I offer my face to the falling rain
Lorraine S.
My skin feels quenched
Water doesn’t keep me moist
Nothing like honey
~Jessica H.
Thank you so much for all of your entries!! We had fun and enjoyed reading them! :)
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