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2nd Giveaway Winner Announced!

Last week we asked you to send us your stories of how you originally found us!
We randomly put all of the names into a number generator and ...
Teal S wins this set!
Congratulations Teal!!
1 ounce Progeline Peptide Repair Serum + Rose Quartz Roller!
We absolutely loved reading all of the stories of "How did you find us!?"
Here are a select few, including Teal's!

I found out about GOW on a reddit forum. Everything else I read about and tried didn't work. I've spent countless hours on reddit and it was worth it to find skincare products that work. Only took me until my 30's. Seriously your products are amazing. Thank you! ~ Teal S.

I come from a family of women with extremely sensitive skin and severe acne. My sister and I have tried many products and always review and talk about them with one another. She told me all about how much she loves the GoW salicylic acid and some of the other products. They work amazing for her and are very clean. I was pregnant at the time so I waited, and as soon as I had my baby last year I placed an order and have loved what I have tried so far. That reminds me, I'm in need of refills and should place another order soon! ~ Lauren D.

I have had sensitive skin my whole life but never found the right product. In 2020, I, like a lot of people, turned to skin care in the depths of the pandemic. After a trendy brand/product left burn marks on my face, my mom did some research and found GoW. Dr Mom did a consultation on my behalf (I am stubborn when it comes to mom recs) and ordered me the Calm and Restore Recovery kit and it was love at first use. I have never looked back and have ordered the same products from the kit countless times. I would love to use this giveaway to try something new from GoW because I have not branched out from my current products, but would love to with a brand I trust so deeply! Thank you for all you do! ~ Catherine C.

My journey with GoW has been a long-term one and infinitely satisfying and enjoyable.
Years ago - in my 30s (which would make that my 20-plus year younger self) joined The Skincare Board, a form for - you guessed it - quality and clean anti-aging and rejuvenating skincare products and supplements. I initially "landed" on The Skincare Board forum after desperately seeking a solution to my ongoing rosacea. 
Through that forum, I was introduced to GoW and its products, as it was highly recommended by the members. I checked out the GoW site and then joined the GoW forum. There, I sought advice for the best GoW products based on my skin profile at the time. Jen, Markey, and so many others were boundlessly generous with endless guidance, knowledge, and - as in the name - wisdom. It was, and is, a truly supportive online community and continues to be to this day. I've reaped countless benefits of such knowledge and wisdom, and enjoy (and continue to enjoy) the utmost quality products and raw ingredients for more-than-fair pricing. 
As the years have inevitably ticked along, and my skincare needs have changed, GoW continues to give me (and my skin) what it needs. I would even venture to say that Markey and Jen have become not only online acquaintances but and even online friends. 
I have shared and continue to share the GoW website with my friends and colleagues seeking the quality products GoW provides, because why not share the love and also help a small, family-owned business survive and thrive? :) 
(after all, if we don't support our quality businesses, they won't be there when we need them!)
To the entire team at GoW, thank you for all you have done over the years, and also for the laughter with little jokes shared over email. I am truly grateful. ~ Jamie R.

I originally found Garden of Wisdom while researching natural skincare options for Rosacea prone skin online. I was dealing with hormone related skin issues at that time that were new to me and I have naturally sensitive skin in general. I saw a dermatologist a few times but was not having luck with the options prescribed. Garden of Wisdom did not pop up right away. But, a few pages in on Google and after several different key word search combos the link to the Sensitive/Reactive/Rosacea prone skin profile popped up! That was nearly 6.5 years ago! After reading that article I knew I found a special place. I scheduled a custom skincare consultation via email and phone with Jen and the rest is history. Love GOW! ~ Michelle C.

I was searching for help for my 13 year old as she was struggling with her skin and I was searching up natural skincare products. Luckily I found your site, tried it and her skin is 75 percent improved which is huge! Thanks! ~ Naomi L.

I had always had pretty okay skin. An occasional pimple here and there but nothing too bad not even as a teenager,
In 2019, I started trying to take care of my skin. Immediately, I fell into the trap of the more is better, and bought a lot of the most promoted and accessible products and did a lot of acids and completely destroyed my skin barrier. I developed malassezia folliculitis and have been dealing with this for years.
This year, while in the search for improving my skin, I visited a website and was looking for some safe skin care and one of the options that came up was Garden of Wisdom. The name was extremely captivating to me because I've learned throughout the years that mother nature really does know best.
I did some research and emailed Jen and asked for some help. I bought a few things and my skin has improved drastically. I am so grateful to have found Garden of Wisdom and I look forward to a future of clear skin. ~ Kenya L

Since my twenties I have tried to get a "head start" on wrinkles and aging. I didn't have extension knowledge, but knew and understood the basics. As I have gotten older, I'm now 45, my routine has evolved as my skin has aged. I have a better knowledge and understanding of what to use, when to use it, and what to use it with. I found your company whilst researching, and reading reviews, of products I have not used but had the elements of what I need for my maturing skin. I find your products straight and to the point, no unnecessary fillers!! I applaud the simplicity! ~ Lyanna B

I saw you on Facebook. ~ Jeanette G.

I saw your product on tik tok. ~ Kelly W.

So I found out about your company from Lea at Using Essential Oils Safely.   She always recommended your hydrosols.
I am currently in love with the Wickedly rich McDreamy face cream!  I use it night and day year round.  My skin loves it!  So thanks for making such a wonderful product! ~ Christine Y.

Evening folks! So back over a decade ago I met Jen as a moderator at a makeup forum.  At the time I decided to stop using major retail skin care and makeup. I wasn't happy with the big brands and discovered there were smaller companies with more natural products who gave more personalized service.
Later I found out Jen was the main moderator for GoW on Delphi and had her own skincare company.  Jen was super helpful in giving me a kickstart on learning about natural skincare. From that point on, I used only Jen's and GoW products, then GoW exclusively when Jen wound down her company.  I couldn't believe the kind of skincare I'd receive that was in simple but clear packaging.  Jen's knowledge when helping customers is wonderful when questions were asked on the GoW forum on any product or skincare issue.  Reading posts of other customers on the forum was also a great help.   It was really nice when Markey had the opportunity to pop in, say hi and help me out.
I love being able to buy sample sizes before getting the full sizes.  A few products didn't work out for me but that's what sample sizes are for in the first place. What floored me initially on Jen and later GoW products' sites was (and still IS) how each ingredient was listed and why it was used.  Going to one of the big brand beauty stores before, sometimes I had a hard time knowing exactly what was being put in a product without Googling.
The GoW skin profiles on  are super helpful. Through the years I've printed out sections of the site, including product descriptions as pdf to use later for reference when trying out new products and figuring out the must haves.
My go to products are Original formula Pomegranate,  Skin Friendly Cleanser (Blood Orange), Diamond Dust (Aluminum Oxide Crystals), Goji Berry Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Collagen Renewal Serum, PopUp Blemish Gel, Progeline Peptide Repair Serum and Oats, Milk and Honey Facial Cleanser.  I'll also buy a sample size of something new to change things up or see if it becomes a new go to. That's how I found all my current favorites.
Thank you GoW for your awesome products and service. They are DA BOMB!
~ Evita C.

It was circa 2011, before the YouTube beauty guru craze, we had So so many members recommended your products so I had to try them for myself. I’ve spent countless hours over the years pouring over the wealth of information you so graciously share with us. I was heavily invested in the forum as well. Thank you for all of the knowledge and wonderful products!
~ Melanie A.

I found your website while I was searching for Buriti oil. I was looking for an affordable option.  Garden of Wisdom was the first site that popped up.  I saw your Buriti Pulp Oil and was happy to see your low prices. I will be ordering products in the future. ~ Lisa S.

Hiya! I found you by asking people much more knowledgeable than I about high quality essential oils and your company kept being mentioned. People in the know think you guys rock! Keep up the awesome work! ~ Kelly C.

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