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Can You Correct Teenage Dry Skin & Pimple Scars?

Hi, there everyone, here is a repost from a member of our forum that we wanted to share with all of our loyal and new GoW customers and readers. The member wrote;

"My daughter is 17 years old. She has a couple of pimple scars on her forehead. Have been using your Go Away scar gel, but scars still there.

Besides Go Away scar gel, she uses Majik C Serum, Cocofen Clarifying Tonic, and Fruity Meow Meow Face Lotion.

My daughter's skin is quite dry. Could that be the reason why the GoAway scar gel is not working its magic on the scars?

Do I need to change the facial products? Maybe more hydrating GoW products? "

I feel that your teen may want a more gentle cleanser like our Gentle Cleansing Gel with Antibacterial blend or Blemish Prone Cleansing Oil if she's taking off makeup. Also, if she's using our GoAway scar gel under her lotion, the lotion could be causes those breakouts. If you have her use a more gentle cleanser, she may not need the moisturizer and can get away with a hydrating option or a hydrator + oil if necessary.

Our member shared that her daughter isn't acne prone so I suggested the best course of action would be to add our Sensitive Cleansing Oil instead, and the Gentle Cleansing Gel (non antibacterial).

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It's Still Hot Outside!

Yep... summer may be technically over but it is still hot here in the Southwest and other parts of the US, and those pesky bugs are still so, so, so, pesky!

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September 03, 2018 by The Garden Of Wisdom Admin