Cuticle Rejuvenator



Product Information

A natural blend of butters and oils brings new life to your cuticles, along with helping to repair dry, cracked and peeling nails. It strengthens nails and restores health to the nail bed.

Method of Application

Apply 1-2 times per day. Rub into cuticles.

List of Ingredients

Horsetail Herb Infusion
Olive Oil (organic)
Illipe Butter
Cetyl Alcohol
Jojoba Oil
Keratin, hydrolyzed
Stearic Acid
Essential Oil Blend:  rosemary, lemon and myrrh

Customer Reviews

The cuticle cream sure is nice! I've been neglecting my nails/cuticles a bit lately, and this makes them a bit nicer right after the first couple of uses. I'm also hoping that with extended use my nails will become stronger too.

I love this cuticle cream, too!!! It pairs so nicely with the Sinfully Rich Hand Cream sample that Markey made several weeks back that we are also waiting to be added to the site. :)
Glad to know you are enjoying your sample. I think it needs to be a permanent product, too. :)

I have to rave about this.. When I woke up today, I noticed that the nailbed in my thumb was sore and red which for me means that it's most likely to get infected. I rinsed the area, put on some hemp seed oil and then on I remembered the cuticle balm I got as a sample. So I rubbed that on, too.  The area feels much softer and it's not as irritated as it was in the morning. I'm still going to the doctor's to get it checked in case there might be a chance that's it's infected. But still, the cuticle cream did reduce the redness and soothed it. Marvellous.

I just received this sample last night with the chamomile and helichrysum hydrosols. I rubbed the rejuvinator into my nails while I was watching TV and it worked quickly on the cracking and dryness.