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Cleansing Pads


Cleansing Pads are effective, and easy to use when you're on the go. They remove daily grime, makeup, and eye makeup with a blend of Soap Nut liquid and Red Rooibos Tea Extract. A great choice for most skin profiles (judgement call on sensitive skin).

Application Method

Use in the morning and/or before bed on wet skin by moving the cleansing pad in a circular motion, and then rinse with warm water until there is no longer any cleanser left on skin.  Leaving this cleanser on for a few moments helps to loosen grime and dirt. Continue your daily routine as normal!

List of Ingredients

  • Soapnut Liquid Base all natural surfactant made from an infusion of the dried fruit of the Chinese Soapberry Tree
  • Decylpolyglucoside non-ionic surfactant, mild to skin, gentle surfactant
  • Red (Rooibos) Tea Extract high in antioxidants, flavonoids and minerals
  • Lactic Acid gentle exfoliator, moisturizer
  • Willow Bark Extract exfoliant, preservative
  • Cosmocil CQ paraben free, broad spectrum preservative