Please NOTE - Jen can only do so many consultations per week and generally, we are scheduling 2-3 weeks in advance. Thank you for understanding :)

Drop us an email at to find out availability! :)


Please also note - Discount codes or promotions cannot be used on the consultation. 

Your Personalized Skin Care Consultation will include -

  • Customized feedback on what may be going on with your skin
  • Product suggestions tailored to your skin needs
  • Education on why we suggest the products that we do
  • Follow up available for any questions may have

What we need you to do - 

  • Answer our questionnaire in as much detail as possible!
    [We will email the questionnaire to you so be on the watch for it!]
  • Send us a no-makeup picture or pictures of your skin so we can be
    more accurate in our assessment
  • Let us know what times you are available (with your time zone) so
    we can figure out the best time for a Live Chat. 
    (This is Typing chat - via Gmail, not Video)

Once purchased, please give us until the following business day to send the consultation questionnaire. Once you receive this, please email us to set up a time do to a live chat via our website so we can go over your answers, and our suggestions.

[Note] - Consultation is only for our finished products, and is not available for our ingredients.