Reviews and Testimonials

As a company whose intention is to provide the very best in natural skincare and do so with the health and welfare of our customers as our single, greatest focus, thoughtful, positive reviews and testimonials make all our efforts worth every moment. Just a few of the kind words shared by our happy, loyal customers...

1.2.20  I don't know how or even if I could ever adequately thank you enough. I've cried so many tears in frustration and sadness because nothing seemed to work on his skin and I hated that the only treatment was a steroid, which seemed to be painful for him. Plus I kind of worried about if that stuff would end up hurting my skin because I was the one that applied it every night. I worried that his skin would always bother him and it'd never even be close to normal. I don't have any "after" pictures right now but the skin on his shins is soft and free of red areas for the first time in probably 12-18 months (he turns three on Monday, so that's a significant portion of his life). This feet and toes are normal, his face is completely's honestly beyond anything I could've hoped for. Your products are incredible and I'm so thankful that we found them. My skin is almost back to normal now (the rosacea serum that my mom had actually helped it a lot as well as the recovery serum) and I honestly thought that it had just changed permanently. You guys have completely removed a huge area of stress, frustration, confusion, and sadness from our lives and I can't thank you enough. I also really appreciate that you ethically source your ingredients and also keep your products super reasonably priced.  ~ Sarah


2.6.20  I wanted to give you another update and my most sincere thanks. I've been using the serum for eczema/psoriasis, recovery and repair serum, and shea butter on my two year old since the middle of December. I'm attaching photos of what we've been battling with his skin since he was an infant to give you some context. When I say his skin was in bad shape, I really mean it. It felt like a rough towel, never hydrated or healthy and he was always acratching at it and then it'd crack and bleed and it was terrible, especially his fingers. It was truly a head-to-toe condition. The dermatologist gave us an antifungal and a steroid to use every day to treat the flare ups. The problem was that it never went away, so we were putting that stuff on him almost daily. When it'd finally clear up and I'd stop with the medications, we'd get maybe a two week break and then it'd flare up again. Plus, it got to the point where he'd cry when I put the medications on because I think they must've burned or something. Anyway, we started conditioning his skin with the Alifafa stuff and that immediately helped his skin at least not feel like a rough towel. Then I tried the gow serum and, I'm not going to lie, I was incredibly skeptical. I'd been trying other alternatives to steroids and antifungals (which weren't really even working at that point) and nothing seemed to work. It's been about two months and his skin is healthy and soft with just a few small flares. It's mostly on his hands but I think that's because they wash them so much at school. We set on Cetaphil to use for soap but it still seems to irritate the skin a bit. Anyway, I put the serum and the shea butter on every night and he's never complained about it hurting. I use the recovery serum when the spots look particularly red and that seems to help calm the skin as well. I've only had to put steroid on him twice in the last two months, which is beyond my wildest dreams. Now we're at the point where the serum actually clears the flare ups and seems to be preventing new ones. It's amazing.

"I love your products and find no need to purchase anything commercial since I've found you. Jen, you're the best at advice....and just also being HUMAN....which is hard to find in any "business" these days. You've got the best skincare, prices, shipping and customer relations. I live in Manhattan, and every time someone compliments me on my skin, (it happens a lot....and I'm no "kid").....I give them your telephone number and rave about you. I have no desire to buy anything over-the-counter, and with so many good stores in Manhattan.....I'm THAT "spoiled" by your quality and prices and personal service. It's my one treat for myself. Big Comfort!  All the best, always!" - Linda F.

"I can't think of a single product I haven't liked. Some I like more than others of course and those have become my go-to's like the Acai Berry Anti-Aging Serum, Rose Hydrosol, Eye Majik Cream and the assortment of oils I blend together and use every morning under my foundation. Markey and Jen are both so generous with their knowledge, every order experience is a pleasure." ~ Lora S.

"Thanks for recommending the soothing cleansing gel! I am absolutely loving using this as a "second cleanse" after my DIY cleansing oil (washcloths are too rough for my princess skin, ha). It is gentle enough that I never have any redness/tightness after washing, but thorough enough that the sebaceous filaments I have around my nose are going away. It gives some "slip" to prevent friction as I'm washing and the pH is just right. It smells a bit chlorophyll-y (I'm guessing it's the yucca) and is surprisingly luxurious! Also, I asked for some advice about a year ago regarding what looked like a tanned skin on my forehead, which turned out to be from using Retin A and vitamin C serum, both of which you recommended stopping. I'm happy to say that by last winter the "tan" had gone away completely and my skin has been much happier for it. I just wanted to mention it so I could thank you again for your help!" ~ Jamie F.

"I just want to thank you for the wonderful products and the best customer service I've ever experienced on the internet! I ran into you by pure chance because I was looking for a manuka honey serum which works wonders on my capricious skin. The usual product I used was running out and the company stopped existing anyway and I was desperate. I was very skeptical to order from you but had no options otherwise. The other brands used too much stuff either I or my skin don't approve and you were the only option left. Oh God, I'm so blessed and grateful I did place that initial order!!! Actually, I didn't try the manuka serum yet (have to finish the previous bottle first) but the sample I got - "White Honey, Bamboo Fermentation, and Pineapple Enzyme Mask" - is a beginner miracle! Loved it 100% and would order a full-size version with pleasure, please introduce it into your finished products' list. It healed some nasties on my face immediately and  no product worked so fast and obvious. Besides, I have to add that when you transferred back to me a little bit more than $1.00 for my order because I paid too much I was pleasantly astonished! When a company is so meticulous with small money than I can trust fully with the ingredients too. I am a registered nurse with OP experience and precision everywhere is important to me. Thank you for your excellent service, brilliant, affordable products, and positivity! Many blessings and continuous prosperity, warmest regards from Germany! (used to be a Jersey girl)." - Olga

"GoW thrives on creating and making available high quality, healthfully clean products for people of all ages. They care about and are deeply involved with their customers as they listen to individual needs and will willingly adjust or tweak a product when possible. Markey and her valuable employees seamlessly work with new and vintage customers to make suggestions as they work through things such as skin issues and/or seasonal skin changes. When you purchase products from GoW you know that you will not only receive high quality, skin friendly items on a timely basis, but you will also receive ongoing support on many levels for as long as you choose." - Anonymous

"I'm 2 weeks into testing my customised GoW DOECG and I love it. The clogs on my forehead I got from another moisturiser I was using before are shrinking and going away and my skin feels and looks so much more hydrated and healthier. Finally, my face is not cracking so much in the dry office air. Even my perennial milia next to my mouth disappeared." - Anisa

"I haven't had a new product that "transforms" my skin in a while. This is THE moisturiser I've been looking for. I love it that it's hydrating andmoisturizing enough without being heavy, so I can use it all year long with some adjustment of products underneath and/or on top for added hydration or occlusion, where necessary depending on the weather or season." - Anonymous

"Finding GoW changed my life - in all honesty. The integrity and care given to customers is one of the main reasons I shop there. The quality of the products NEVER disappoints me. More than anything - the information I have been given, the things I have learned from the GoW team about skin care and skin health - it's made all the difference in the world to not only my complexion but my own ability to formulate at home and help others learn. Hats off!" - Anonymous

"Garden of wisdom is an excellent small business that makes it's customers feel important, plus I love all of their products, especially the green tea/shea cleanser. I recommend them to everyone! I love all of their products, especially the green tea/shea cleanser. I recommend them to everyone!" - Anonymous

"Best customer service! You can ask any question you may have and you will get a detailed, timely response. Not many companies do that! And the skin consultation is a priceless tool. Truly personalized advice, including a one-on-one msn messenger conversation....AND the $40 it costs you get back in credit to shop!! Online ordering has always been problem free as well. Not to mention the products are all natural with minimal ingredients. Makes you feel good that you are not putting chemicals on your face. Love GoW!" - Unknown

"I feel very close and intimate with GoW, you guys make me want to move to AZ. :) I absolutely cannot leave my GoW products for another (makes me feel like cheating). Plus this company seems like a blast to work for, ya'll seem to be your heart and soul in everything." - Unknown

"In two words...Great Products. I like it that I can buy my products and know exactly what is in them. No extra chemicals or harsh additives. Pure and simple." - Anonymous

"I love GoW! Since using these products my skin is finally free of the acne I've had since I was 11 years old. I had tried so many different things and not even prescriptions stopped it completely. From reading all of the information on the site and forum I've learned a lot about skin care and ingredients. I love that everything is very natural and actually work without lots of unnecessary ingredients. I am very happy and will keep ordering from GoW as long as I can." - Anonymous

"My aging skin is normally dryer than the Sahara in a drought. It produces NO oil. Zero, zip, zilch! Great as a teen, but terrible as I aged. In all the years of trying product after product containing heaven knows what unnecessary ingredients, parabens, preservatives etc.,(sold to me by salespeople more interested in making a buck than helping me with my skin problems the dryness was never controlled UNTIL I met Garden of Wisdom, where I got incredible IMMEDIATE advice, world class products AND friends, for the most reasonable prices on the market. Markey even made products specifically for me to try. Can you imagine the thrill I felt when I got a pimple FOR THE FIRST TIME in my 60s? My skin was balancing! The only thing I am sorry about is that I didn't have these products when I was younger so the wrinkles I have would never have developed in the first place.

GOW is that rare gem of a company where you find products for all kinds of skin types in the most natural way. The ingredients list- they're names you can actually pronounce. Their site lists what every ingredient in the product is for. Their customer service is top notch. I can't be without their hydrating mists. GOW rocks!" - Anonymous

"I appreciate Garden of Wisdom every day. Jen and Markey have guided me towards products that feel good, smell good, give me great skin (and it is normally extremely sensitive!) and that have ingredients I can feel comfortable using. I know they could help anyone improve their skin and find the right products for them. It's nice to always get what I want from a business. GOW is very good at what they do. I get great personalized customer service, products, and ingredients that I can trust, and all the info I could ever need about all of their products! I love GOW and will continue to order from them and recommending them to friends." - Anonymous

"On a mission to find products that worked for my troubled skin, I tried everything under the sun here in Australia. Then I found GOW online and have been purchasing from you ever since. Fantastic products that work, don't irritate and don't cost the earth. And the best customer service I have had from a company.
Love GOW!" - Anonymous

"Garden of Wisdom is a great brand providing high quality, affordable skincare that really works - no harsh additives or questionable ingredients in these products. I wake up every morning to a face with brighter, clearer, softer skin and have never looked back. They provide a great customer service experience, with Jen and Markey always ready to assist. Promptly send products that consistently arrive on time - 10/10!" - Anonymous

"I found GOW about 8 years ago and I have been a regular customer ever since. I always have people tell me that I look about 10 yrs younger than I am ;). They have great products that do what they claim to do. They have great customer service and great prices. I have never meet Jen & Markey or any of the others, but if u ever go to the forum to look around or look for info on a product, you feel like you have met them. Great product, Great pricing & Great true caring people! It doesn't get any better than that these days! You guys Rock!" - Anonymous

"I am 83 years old and blessed with good health. I enjoy working in my garden having good friends. My son and daughter-in-law gave me a Garden of Wisdom Skin care kit for my birthday. I liked the way my skin felt. I had been using the products for about two weeks when my sister came down from Atlanta for a visit. I became aware of her looking at me closely several times. She told me that my skin looked more moist and healthier than the last time she saw me. She wanted to know what change I had made and wanted to try the kit. She went back to Atlanta and told her daughter about it and she is going to order it also... Just because I am older than they are doesn't mean I have forgotten to check on the beauty secrets." - Margaret

"I have been using GoW products for YEARS now.  I always had super, super Saharaina drought dry skin.  I never had a pimple in my life, wonderful when I was a teen, but not so great as I aged.  Since I started using GoW my skin is NEVER dry.  As it became balanced I even got a pimple, about which I was very excited.
Every new thing that comes onto the market is immediately available in some of Markey's concoctions, and the sample program allows you to try things without breaking the bank.  In fact, even full size products are so very reasonable that you can try things and change often, which, of course, is good for skin. 
Money is not wasted on packaging, marketing, and perfumes, all of which send prices sky high.  All this keeps prices in everyone's budget. Add to this the wonderful, personal service offered by Jen, who is incredibly knowledgeable, and helps one adapt a program to each individual skin type.  They will even adapt products for individual needs. I don't know about you, but I have never experienced anything like this. The years have passed, and gravityhashadit's effect, but without GoW, I would be showing my age way more than I am.  Every time I get a compliment on my skin I tip an imaginary hat to wonderful GoW.  I always tell people where to get a skin like mine." - Lesley

"Hello…My name is Jackie.  I would like to share my experience with Garden Of Wisdom’s products. I am 62 and have had a progressively worsening case of severe Rosacea since I was 35. It had gotten to the point that I had constant, painful breakouts and bumpy, inflamed, red skin that looked like a bad sunburn, all the time.  I have used another manufacturer’s “natural” products for almost a year now, with some improvement, but not what I would call good results.
I am so happy I have found Garden of Wisdom!  I called to ask questions and received exceptional help over the phone regarding my skin condition. I didn’t expect any real changes for at least a month or so, but I’m VERY HAPPY to report that after only one week of using the product, my skin is near normal again!  The flushed cheeks and spider veins are almost gone and the flare-ups of painful pimples have stopped. There are a few pores that are still healing from before, but I expect my skin to be totally healed within another few weeks. I am so excited to have clear, smooth skin again.  I highly recommend the wonderfully natural products and the knowledgeable staff of Garden of Wisdom.  I have FINALLY found something that truly works for my sensitive skin type!" - Jackie H.

"I recently bought Mandelic Acid Serum on the advice of a girlfriend, another product to try to rid myself of my embarrassing adult acne, that probably wouldn't work, none of the other products ever did! Boy am I glad I listened to her! I absolutely cannot believe how wonderful this stuff is! I have spent hundreds of dollars on big name products, but none of them compare to this! I also got a sample size of 'give me back my rosy glow mask' it's definitely a keeper! I absolutely love the sample options, it's great to try before spending too much money on a product that might not work for you. Thank you for providing great skin care products at great prices!" - S.C.

"Hey everyone! I haven't posted in years, maybe Jen & Markey remember me, I dunno, but I wanted to say thank you! A quick recap: I found GoW when I was suffering from cystic acne on (what I thought) sensitive, combo skin and had tried everything the dermatologist recommended (peels, antibiotics, injections, etc) and it was only getting worse. After posting here, I started using oil cleansers, serums and hydrosols to soothe all that irritation, and oils like emu to heal and repair. And I haven't had a cysticcomodone in years! Well, I wanted to tell you that you guys did more than just help my skin. You changed me. My transformation inspired me. I started making my own cleansers and products for friends to help them too and as of this year, I'm now back in school to get my estheticians license! And you know what? Now that I'm in school and learning even more about skin....I see how unique and amazing GoW is. So many of the practices and products taught to us in school are awful!!! They teach us to overdo EVERYTHING. too many products, too many treatments, invasive extractions, treatments that have no scientific basis or merit, all to sell sell sell. It's made me value you guys even more. I plan on posting more often again here....cause there are a ton of things I've learned I want to run by you guys. Atlanta needs a GoW spa!!! Do you guys do franchises?" - Anonymous

"I am very happy to discover your company and I just placed my second order (I placed my first order just 2-3 weeks ago!!!). Thank you for all you do! I  saw your Youtube videos about the life of the order and how you package it and it is very impressive how much work goes into each order. Thank you in advance and hope to get my order soon. P.S. I hope i will get my order in time and I should according to your processing and shipping time because I am going to visit my relatives back in Russia and taking all your products (some as presents and some for myself to experiment). Thank you for all you do!" - Anonymous

"It's been 3 or 4 weeks since I started using GoW products, and just love them all...I was having dry/dehydrated looking skin and these are the products that i decided to try....Blueberry exfo serum, blueberry ha serum, super hydrating ha serum, marityme gel, frankenscence hydrosol, strawberry hydrating mist, and vegeterian base cream.....all these products helped my skin look better and feel better...I have seen a difference in the way my skin looks brighter and no longer looks dry or dehydrated.  I will be using nothing but GoW products from now on......marityme gel also has removed my acne scars which really was surprising to me now my face looks nice and clear, thanks Markey for creating such wonderful products, you're simply the best..." - Anonymous

"I have been meaning to write this for some time now. Before I started Garden of Wisdom products and Camellia-Rose products my skin was always breaking out here and there and I never had that flawless, smooth, glowing skin that I wanted.....not matter what I tried.   I had also tried to manage the acne breakouts with benzoyl peroxide and that only dried out my already dry skin and left my skin red ....not to mention that it did not really help clear up the acne.   Not until I started your products did my skin start to REALLY change and now it is flawless, smooth and radiant!!!  The only time I have a breakout now is if I get lazy and do not wash and remove my makeup at night.....but once I use your blemish products it is gone within a couple of days.  My skin has also went from dry to normal with no reddish tint to it is glowing and I have the skin I always wanted and who would have know it could be this easy!!!  Thank you both so much from the bottom of my heart!!!!" - A L 

"Pretty much from the first time. . . I tried GoW samples I was hooked! With a little bit of trial and error, my skin is now almost always 100% acne free. Before, GoW I had super oily, red, sensitive skin from Benzoyl Peroxide used for the acne on my face, which did not seem to want to go away no matter what products I tried. With the routine of skincare from GoW, my skin is now balanced, hydrated and no longer red and sore! I will definitely keep ordering these products and thank Markey for the wonderful customer service and Jen and everyone on the forums for helping me choose products that are right for my skin. Oh, and I got my order today thankyou! Can’t wait to try the sebum control antioxidant serum!" - Thanks,  RB

"I found out about GoW while researching . . . mineral makeup. The women using the GoW hydrosols to help condition and set the makeup love GoW so I was intrigued. Being a “new” mom at the time, I was slowly moving towards the idea of going with gentler but still effective products for me and the family. I gradually found my way to the GoW forums. Using the info and insight I gained from there, I decided to start with a basic routine with a gentle cleanser, hydrosol, carrier oil, and base cream. I loved the results. The cleanser no longer left my skin tight and itchy. The rose hydrosol felt good on my skin. The 2 drops of oil plus veggie gream did feel like it was just sitting on top of my face but I couldn’t argue with the morning-after results. My face was soft, smooth and hydrated but not oily! After I had my 2nd daughter, I researched some more and added in a HA serum. (I mix in a few drops of the HA serum with my carrier oil and it sinks right in.)
There are many things that I love about GoW. All the products I use come from a reputable, knowledgeable vendor, that my money goes to high quality ingredients (instead of packaging or worse, filler ingredients) and that I have such a range of ingredients and products to use that I can honestly say my routine is tailor-fit just right for MY skin. And last but not least, I love that GoW has shown me that I can also craft my own products to fit my needs and my family. I just placed an order yesterday for more West Shea, 3 carrier oils and coconut oils so I can craft a body butter for my 3-yr-old daughter who is battling an eczema breakout at the moment. I don’t have to worry about preservatives, I don’t have to wonder if my $20 was worth it b/c I know the 6 oz butter I’ll end up with will be 4 oz of unrefined West Shea (not the cheap refined stuff with all the goods things cooked out of it nor will it be 99% mineral oil with a touch of shea plus whatever unnecessary additives like you find at a lot of stores, even the expensive ones!)." - J.L. from Los Angeles, California