Acai Berry Anti-Aging Serum



Product Information 

Acai berry is antioxidant rich, has high levels of fatty acids, helps to reverse the aging process and boosts skin cell regeneration. Glutathione clarifies skin, discourages free radical environmental skin damage, and promotes detoxifying of the skin. Ceramide III heavily aids in the skin regeneration process. 

This product contains glutathione, which is amazing for the skin. However, it does lend a rather distinctive smell. Do not let this deter you from it, though; it is great! 
Method of Application 
Apply a few drops of this serum on your clean fingertips, and smooth it across clean skin. Use during the water-soluble phase of your skin routine (after you cleanse, tone, and exfoliate, but before you apply any oils or creams). 

List of Ingredients

  • Spring Water hydrating 
  • Hazelnut Oil light oil, easily absorbed, slightly astringent, soothing, may help block sunrays 
  • Amla Extract bio-available source of natural Vitamin C, naturally cleansing 
  • Acai Berry Extract (Organic) high in natural antioxidants, rich in polyphenols, helps to eliminate toxins, fights wrinkles 
  • Glutathione (PLEASE note that this ingredient lends itself to be very stinky but the outcome for the skin is worth it) discourages free radical environmental skin damage, promotes detoxifying of the toxins in our skin, greatly improves skin's clarity, one of the major buffer molecules of the cells, known to increase the thermo-resistance of the cells (the ability to push heat through and not hold it to the skin) 
  • Ceramide Complex with aging, skin loses its youthful moisture, suppleness, and smoothness, thanks to the loss of essential ceramide molecules,  skin ceramides make up 50% of the lipids in the extracellular "cement" that binds together, protective cells in the outermost skin layer, the stratum corneum, loss of skin ceramides renders aging skin permeable to moisture, leaving skin dry, rough, and itchy, ceramide loss is also a major contributor to wrinkles. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid hydrates skin, can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water 
  • Leucidal SF (lactobacillus ferment) broad spectrum, paraben free preservative that does not release formaldehyde 

^There is an addition of Raspberry Distillate to help mask the glutathione smell. 
Customer Reviews  

I can't wait till this is. . . for sale. I can use it in place of RS and my skin looks wonderful (um, even if I do say so myself). It really brings a fresh, healthy glow without any red or irritation. This is a winner in my book. 
I also LOVE this new. . . sample!  It may be the best I've tried.  My skin feels so soft after I use it, and I noticed some irritation I had (from overzealous scrubbing) went away after I applied this!  It seems wonderful. 
I really, really hope it's for sale soon. 
I got a sample as well. . . There is a scent, but it's not bothersome to me. I love how it makes my skin feel!