Natural Hand Sanitizer 70%


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Please also, limit to 2 per item.

We have created our hand sanitizer with ingredients that are not harmful to your body UNLESS you are a recovering alcoholic. Please don't use any hand sanitizer with alcohol in it. 

Thank you ALL for the response to our poll considering the hand sanitizer.

One more thing, I made this myself (Markey) so there is no labor for production, but we do need to add charges including the pouring, labeling, packing, etc. Thank you for understanding. 
Method of Application

Apply enough sanitizer to rub both hands together and especially between fingers. Let Dry. This might be tacky until it dries. To create a product without the tackiness we would have to add ingredients that we oppose or more importantly ingredients that will break down the skin barrier allowing more of the sanitizer into your system. We are killing the virus on your hands, not so much inside your body 
List of Ingredients

  • Natural Grain Alcohol this is the magic in any hand sanitizer 
  • Aloe Vera Juice hydrating
  • Zemea (propaneidol) added for slip and as a humectant
  • Glycerin humectant 
  • Crosspolymer stabilizer, thickener
  • Hyaluronic Acid added for its ability to draw moisture from the air which keeps your hands from  drying out or becoming red and sore from the alcohol 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide this is used to ensure there are not lurking pathogens in the bottle. Of course, we are and always will be very careful and clean when producing our products 

    Lemon version contains lemon extract and lemon essential oil
    Lavender version contains lavender essential oil

There is NO need for any kind of preservative as the alcohol is the natural preservative 

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