Majik Lockes *RazzBerry* Hair Serum


Product Information

Our Healthy Hair Serum gives shine to hair, and also works to combat frizzy hair. Lightweight, it will not hold your hair down. Leaves hair radiant and manageable.

Method of Application

Apply to clean damp hair after showering. Enjoy!

List of Ingredients

Raspberry Distillate

- divine scent (fresh raspberries)
- hydrating
- antioxidant
-  binds moisture to the skin
-  hydrates skin
-  emollient
Hyaluronic Acid Base
- hydrates skin
- protects skin
- can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water

Tamarind Distillate
- hydrating
- healing
- soothing
Keratin Amino Acid [animal derived]
- great for hair
- conditioning
- moisturizing
Panthenol B-5
- shine enchancing
- moisturizing

- hydrating
Hydrolyzed Keratin [animal derived]
- great for hair
- gives hair shine and bounce
- prevents frizziness
Sodium PCA
- hydrating
- gives shine
Optiphen ((Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol))
- preservative that does not contain parabens or release formaldehye donors