Personalized Skin Care Consultation



Your Personalized Skin Care Consultation Includes

  • Customized feedback on what may be going on with your skin
  • Product suggestions tailored to your skin needs
  • Education on why we suggest the products that we do
  • Follow up available for any questions may have
  • Store credit for the value of the consultation ($40)
    to be issued after the consultation

Your To-Do's

  • Answer our questionnaire in as much detail as possible, you will receive an email notification with the form contained in the email.
  • Send us a makeup-free photo or photos of your skin so we can be as accurate as possible with our assessment.
  • Let us know what times you are available (with your time zone) so we can determine the best time for a Live Chat. 

    Please Note
      • Discount Codes cannot be applied to consultations
      • Consultation is for Finished Products only
      • Please do not purchase unless you have emailed us first :)
      • Jen can only do so many consultations per week and generally she is scheduling 2-3 weeks in advance. Thank you for understanding :) If interested in a consultation please email us at and we will send you a link to purchase.

    Personalized Skin Care Consultation

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Katryce L.
    GOW is committed to matching effective products with the right customers.

    My consultation with Jen changed my entire skincare journey. I came away from our conversation with a full suggested regimen of GOW products for my concerns, and I’m still using exclusively GOW skincare products a year later. We talked diet, hydration, exercise, stress — she thinks holistically about what can cause and treat specific concerns, which is so useful and affirming. She’s been available with detailed and thoughtful responses to my questions along the way. I know Jen is genuinely committed to improving my skin and celebrating my progress.

    During the consultation, Jen led me through a deep dive into my previous skincare and makeup routine and helped me understand which ingredients were irritating or harming my skin. My hormonal acne ended up needing medical intervention and, once that was under control, Jen recommended some upgrades to my routine that would target my discoloration and scars. Having broad access to affordable sample sizes of these products makes it easier to find exactly what works for me, and also makes it clear that

    I still check labels on new products using what I learned in my consultation with Jen. I also think back on Jen's advice when choosing new GOW products to add to my rotation, and she's still available to answer questions if I have them. The consultation was extremely valuable in the moment and, even more than that, it permanently empowered me with new information and insights that I'll use (and share) for a long time.

    We appreciate this review! :)