Sage Leaf Powder, Organic


SKU: PWD-102

Product Information  
Sage Leaf will always bring to mind dressing at the holidays (food, silly) and the famous parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme song! The Sage Leaf we are offering is not White Sage. When used in a facial mask sage can help to eliminate toxins through the skin. Sage is also a powerful antioxidant used to neutralize free radicals which actually attacks healthy skin cells. Historically, many used Sage to boost female fertility and to protect themselves against evil. 

Botanical Name:  Salvia officinalis

Country of Origin:  Mediterranean 

Plant Part Used:  leaf 

Suggested Usage Rate:  up to user’s discretion  

Properties:  helps with blemishes as it encourages toxins to be eliminated, anti-inflammatory, helps to decrease swelling while also soothing dryness topically.

Solubility:  will not dissolve but can be made into a solution whether with water (like a tea) or alcohol and many times glycerin and then possibly used in product manufacturing.

Storage Recommendation:  we recommend storage in an airtight container, zip lock bag if container not accessible but always store in a cool, dark environment or freezer to preserve freshness and potency. 

Due to insurance and FDA regulations, we are not able to suggest specific osage information. We will not answer questions or make suggestions pertaining to any type of medical or healthcare.