Blemish Control Tonic (acid free)


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Our Blemish Control Tonic is a gentle yet effective way to encourage the healing of mild to moderate blemishes. This is not to say it won't be effective in keeping aggressive blemishes at bay. Give it a try!

Method of Application
Spritz your skin liberally, let dry and move to the next step in your routine.

Blemish Control Tonic (acid free)

Customer Reviews

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Teal Schinkel
Excellent Product!!!! Great for teenagers skin!

I notice a difference in my teenager's skin immediately. The redness is reduced significantly and her skin starts to clear up. She ran out for a while then started again so I've been able to confirm this is working. Thank you to GOW staff for the recommendation:)

Thank you for sharing how this is working for your teenager!! This is a fave!

Love how gentle this is.

This wonderful (and gentle) little tonic gave my skin the extra moisture boost that it needed without the sting and drying-effect other toners had. I really liked the spray container that it came in as well, because no product went to waste on my cotton balls and I was able to save those for other uses. The redness in my skin also died down a little bit, and I'm not sure if it was because of the niacinamide or something else, but whatever it was I want more! And speaking of niacinamide... this miracle ingredient helps repair the skin moisture barrier by stimulating the production of ceramides, which will help anyone with dehydrated skin.
If you have similar skin issues (or not!), I strongly recommend you add a sample of the Blemish Control Tonic with your next purchase!

Love it.

I have really dehydrated, acne-prone skin with mild redness and I've been having trouble with other toners. Thayers Unscented used to work really well for me, but my skin starts to burn, dry out an peel immediately after. I decided to order some of the great oils I've been hearing about from GoW to help my situation, so I placed my first order from GoW almost two weeks ago, and Jen was kind enough to include a Blemish Control Tonic sample. I LOVE IT.