Why is the Garden of Wisdom Different?

Garden of Wisdom is a medium-sized, family-run, creatively designed skincare business based in Prescott, Arizona. Our goal is to formulate and stock unique and effective skincare products to better assist our customers and their individual skin profiles in finding a happy coexistence while sustaining a high level of skin health.

Everyone's skin is unique. Some of us are from cool, dry places and some are from warm, humid places. Some of us produce more oil in the skin, and some of us produce less oil in the skin. Some of us have skin that sits right in the middle and some skin is undefinable. Every person has a skin type, and everyone's skin is different. We see this every day at Garden of Wisdom through the eyes of our customers and friends.

We carry and formulate more products in skin care than almost any company. Our customers drive us, not only to make better skincare products but to make new skin care products that adapt to different skin types from other parts of the world with distinct seasons. It keeps us on our toes and keeps you in the loop with the next and best in skin care.

Together, we can cultivate beautiful skin, with nature's wisdom.

  1. At Garden of Wisdom, we work to promote a natural, gentle approach to encourage skin balance and stability and we believe in educating our customers.  We know that your skin can and will change. Your skin needs can shift because of age, stress, seasonal and environmental factors, "skin complacency" (using the same formulations month after month), and overall health.
  2. Our integrity speaks for itself, as our repeat customer base is phenomenal. We design and create all of our own products in our on-site facility. This ensures what is added to our finished products and allows us complete control over formulation strategies.
  3. During our processing, we heat-shrink every product individually for your protection. Our ingredients have been tested and researched for efficacy and safety.
  4. The Garden of Wisdom line of products is uniquely diverse and we continually offer new products based on our customers’ feedback. 
  5. We continually invest in top-notch ingredients. We don't believe in pouring money into fancy packaging as your skin doesn't wear pretty bottles and labels, not to mention the increase in product cost. Our products are not diluted with fillers and unnecessary ingredients.
  6. We do not make false claims; every product has been tested and customer reviews are our most vital source of solid feedback.

What You Won't Find with Garden of Wisdom Products.

  • No Synthetic Fragrances
  • No Synthetic Colorants
  • No Parabens
  • No Formaldehyde Releasers
  • No Phthalates 
  • No SLS (sulphates)