The Biggest Causes of Acne

The Biggest Causes of Acne

The Biggest Causes of Acne
by Jen Flanagan

1. Usually starts in teens.. generally because of the oil glands being in over production and smaller pores. This is often because it starts off hormonally, then people try to stop the oil production by cleansing with strong soaps/cleansers but this only makes things worse.

2. Cleansers being too strong causes skin to dry out on surface making it harder for gunk to get out of the skin.. increases oil production in the pores causing pores to get clogged causing irritation and acne bacteria to go out of control.

3. Moisturizers - the typical understanding that is thrown around out there is that it is the oils in the moisturizers that cause the problem. This is not really the case. It is actually the emulsifiers and waxes that create the moisturizer to begin with that get into the pores and can't get back out causing the pores to be clogged and irritated. This almost always shows up in the chin, cheek and jawline but sometimes forehead as well.

4. Picking at the blackheads/bumps/spots that are already there. This makes them
worse/more red/more irritated and spreads the bacteria. It pushes gunk further into the pores, sometimes collapsing the pore wall causing clusters of inflamed acne.

5. Harsh Acne products!! This is a big one. This causes the acne bacteria to gain a
resistance which causes it to only get worse. They also often dry skin out causing
irritation, dryness and sensitivity.

6. As if this wasn’t bad enough as it is.. Some women have perfect skin when they are younger, only to have acne show in their late 20’s, 30’s or even 50’s! This is almost always caused by a hormonal flux, OR from adding a moisturizer to their routine because their skin started to get dry (This leads back to moisturizers being clogged)

As people age and continue using the harsh cleansers, harsh acne treatments skin
becomes combination - oily/dehydrated.. later turning to dry. In between skin can also get irritated and lead to sensitive skin and then rosacea if this cycle continues.
So as you can see using harsh cleansers leads to drier skin which leads to using
moisturizers which cause skin to get clogged up (blackheads, whiteheads and acne spots) which only creates a catch 22 cycle.
July 29, 2020 by Staff Account
What are Peptides?

What are Peptides?

Peptides are amino acids which makeup the building blocks that make up the proteins in our bodies. As we age, these building blocks decline.
When we add peptides to our skin, they help replace what is lost and stimulate collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and renewal of the skin.

Peptides also help our skin cells communicate with each other. Without peptides in our bodies, we would not function.
July 29, 2020 by Staff Account
Mind/Skin/Body Stress Connection

Mind/Skin/Body Stress Connection

The Mind/Skin/Body Stress Connection  
by Jen Flanagan
At Garden of Wisdom we have been suggesting to our customers for quite some time about the connection between skin issues and the mind. Emotional and mental stress sets off a cascade chemical reaction in the body that can and does effect the skin in deeply profound ways. We have seen our customers use the best routines possible with the best products and not have full success with their skin until they addressed the emotional/mental component of their situation. Diet plays a role, but for the purposes of this article we will focus on the emotional/mental component.  

When we first started mentioning this to customers, there were not many studies done on this. (the last 5-10 years) we were going purely by our experiences/conversations with our customers. (We feel this is pretty powerful anecdotal evidence in itself.)

However, it came with great excitement that new evidence now suggests our mindset can indeed play a huge role in skin health. There is a new field of study that reflects this called Psychodermatology.  

From an article on Web MD - "Psychodermatogy is a field that addresses the impact of an individual's emotion as it relates to the skin," says Karen Mallin, PsyD, an instructor in the departments of psychiatry & behavioral sciences and dermatology & cutaneous surgery of the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami."  
What the experts and studies are finding that the mind has a direct connection to your skin via neurotransmitters and neuroimmunoendocrine circuitry.  

People are realizing that the psychological aspect is something we should really be looking into ourselves.  

For Further Reading
July 29, 2020 by Staff Account
Animal Testing? Animal/Insect Ingredients?

Animal Testing? Animal/Insect Ingredients?

We do NOT test on animals or use ingredients tested on animals.

We do NOT condone anyone doing animal testing. This is such a barbaric practice, we do not know why any company is still even doing this.

We DO test on willing human subjects (aka our staff :D) and we also send samples out at times to customers. :)

​We DO use and sell ingredients that are animal based, but most of our line does not have animal ingredients.

100% of our ingredients are listed on each page for our products so you would see any animal products in the ingredient list.

This is the list of animal ingredients we use and offer!
If you have any questions or you think I missed one please let me know and we'll add it!

Animal or Animal Derived ingredients (or insect derived like honey)
Hydrolyzed Keratin (sheep wool)
Keratin Amino Acids (sheep wool)
Hydrolyzed Silk (from silk worms)
N-Acetyl D Glucosamine (Shellfish)
Snail Ferment
Caviar Extract
Collagen (marine)
Elastin (marine)
Honey (bee hive)
Honeyquat (derived from honey)
Beeswax (bee hive)
Honey Powder (from Honey)
Yoghurt Powder (from yoghurt/milk)
Emu oil (rendered from emu fat - no part of the Emu is wasted! Everything is used!)
CoQ10 (animal derived)
Ceramide III (milk proteins)
Colostrum (cows)
Goats Milk (from goats)
Rooster based Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
Manuka Honey (bee hive where the bees have manuka trees around as their food source)
July 29, 2020 by Staff Account
Liposomes - What Are They?

Liposomes - What Are They?

July 29, 2020 by Markey Owner
COVID19 Shipping Update

COVID19 Shipping Update

We process orders Monday - Friday and generally ship within 2-4 business days. If you need your order rushed - we do offer a Rush Option. Email us for information!

Transit Times/Shipping Alert: Due to Covid19, transit times are longer than usual at the moment. Please make sure to anticipate this when ordering. This isn't something we can control and we appreciate your understanding.

Below are some estimated times based on what we are seeing at the moment but are subject to change.

USA Orders
First Class - 7 - 10 business days (usually 3-5)
Priority - 3 - 5 business days (usually 2-3)

International Orders
First Class 6-8 weeks (usually 2-6)
International 10-14 Business Days (usually 7-10)

Please see the USPS site for more information
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