Locks of Lovely Shampoo (Unscented)


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Garden of Wisdom's Locks of Lovely Shampoo (Unscented) is getting rave reviews!

Method of Application
This should be used as any shampoo would be applied. Let sit on the hair for several minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. I know (duh, Markey). :-)  Our testers here did not need to use a conditioner afterward. We want your feedback!

Locks of Lovely Shampoo (Unscented)

Customer Reviews

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Locks of Lovely Shampoo

I'm so impressed with this shampoo! I have fine, thick hair, and occasional scalp issues. The Locks of Lovely Shampoo addressed all of my hair needs. There is no need for a conditioner. This magic formula cleared up my scalp, and gave my hair shine. I've never had a shampoo address all my hair needs. GOW has created a clean formula that truly works. This is a must purchase! You will be glad you did.

Our Shampoo is really popular and is constantly being made fresh for you all :)

We get comments in emails but so very much appreciate getting reviews on our site! A must have for sure!

Holy Grail? Holy Grail.

I'll never buy another shampoo. The formula is thick and luxurious. I used to have issues with scalp build-up that I don't have since I started using GOW products.

We're very happy to hear you took a chance on our shampoo, and ended up loving it! Thank you :)

A little miracle

So grateful to have found this shampoo. I've been in a constant struggle with my hair since high school and I've never found a shampoo that works for me. They all left my hair tangled, frizzy, and couldn't get a comb through without conditioner which just always weighed down my hair. Locks of Lovely has been a miracle for me. And, yes! no conditioner needed. It even restored my naturally curly hair. I get compliments all the time. Thanks for this wonderful product!

Thank you so much for this review! :)


I suffer from aging hair, meaning it’s dull and stiff vs shiny with that beautiful swinging aspect that younger women have. This shampoo has been a saving grace. I can’t get over the shine! I also love that it’s unscented because I have bad allergies. It’s shockingly true that you don’t need conditioner with it!

Yay! We're so pleased your hair is loving this!

Excellent shampoo

I was hesitanted whether to give it a try or pass. Therefore I wrote an e-mail explaining my hair condition and I was encouraged to give it a shot. I purchased two full size bottles of this amazing shampoo and I’m very happy and satisfied. I consider myself lucky to find this gem. I know it’s a little bit expensive but trust me it worths every penny. Let tell you about my hair I have a very long thick wavy hair with oily scalp and very dry ends. I always struggled to find the perfect products for my hair. I tried both silicon based and silicon free shampoos but no luck whatsoever. I thought of trying sulfates free shampoos but again I was disappointed. Now with this shampoo you only need a small amount. It lathers and it does clean my scalp very well. It leaves my hair soft, manageable and smelling really good. I guess this due to using high quality natural ingredients. I’m planning to order more of this magic potion. Please never stop making this lovely shampoo and never change the formula.

Thank you so very much for this review! We love our shampoo too :)