We sell ingredients with the understanding that you are obligated to do your own research and understand the components of each ingredient you are purchasing.
                              Please read our Liability Disclaimer
We cannot be held liable for misuse of our ingredients that we supply. We do supply the following information -

  • Suggested Percentage of Use
  • Solubility
  • Purity
  • Shelf Life
  • Any Safety Considerations
  1. Some ingredients do not have a specific amount to use and is up to the discretion of the formulator.
  2. We don't keep CoA and MSDS on hand regularly, We are a small company that mostly supplies to small companies or DIY (Do it Yourself) and we go through oils pretty quickly as we do not buy in large bulk amounts.
  3. To keep all of this information on hand for these files, it would require us to hire more people just to keep this information updated. We would have to raise our prices higher in order to make up for this. We don't want to raise our prices and most customers have not asked for this information so we want to keep everything simple.
  4. We do charge $2 per file when requested after purchase.
  5. If you require a Certificate of Analysis for one of our cosmetic raw materials, please let us know when you place your order and it will be emailed to you after shipment.
  6. Note about Essential Oils - please thoroughly research Essential Oils before using them. They are not meant to be used neat (despite what other sites or books might say) serious sensitization can occur and it is not reversible. Email Us for References.
  7. Note about Carrier Oils - Most of our carrier oils can be used at 100% although some are rich and you may desire to dilute them. Testing them out, researching and experiencing them for yourself can be very helpful. Please do keep the dropper that comes with the oil, in the oil. The oil can eventually soak into the rubber dropper and "dissolve" it. We are changing our glass bottles to have caps, instead of droppers as we run through stock.
Email Us if you need resources to learn about Formulating, or Essential Oils.