Firming and Tightening DMAE Products

What is DMAE? DMAE is an organic compound found in small amounts in the brain and in larger amounts in certain types of fish. DMAE is a supplement in its bitartrate form and an amine version for cosmetic formulators. It is related to choline and is a chemical precursor to acetylcholine used by the brain to function correctly. Because of this, it is known to have a Nootropic effect. (Nootropic means improving human cognitive ability)

As a supplement, DMAE is well known for being able to help the brain function and resolve issues with the nervous system. In skin care, its use has been for firming, lifting, or helping to stop sagging skin. Hence, it has an anti-aging effect. Most who use DMAE topically find it has an immediate plumping effect. Long-term use can lend to an accumulative effect of firming the skin. Based on our research, I believe that DMAE has another even more important role to play in skin health. It can also have a detoxifying effect by flushing lipofuscin from cells. What is lipofuscin, you ask? And why is it so important to know?

Lipofuscin is extracellular waste. When toxins, metals, and other wastes accumulate in the body and cannot be flushed, they are deposited into the body's skin cells and other organs. If enough of this is deposited, the cells start breaking down, and they do not duplicate properly. You may also see lipofuscin accumulation as “liver spots” or other “age” spots on your skin. This has far greater implications for your overall health, but I will focus on skin health for this information. It has been theorized that lipofuscin when accumulated in large amounts in cells and organs, can cause their functionality to decrease. So, if you look at this in the skin, it makes sense that lipofuscin can cause the skin not to function as well. Enter – DMAE. DMAE is an excellent choice since DMAE is particularly good at eliminating lipofuscin from the cells so they can function again.

Another critical aspect of DMAE. Remember when I said that DMAE is related to choline? Choline is one of the organic compounds found in lipids. Lipids are fat-soluble compounds such as oils!

When you think of how things move around your body, you need pathways to do this. I liken them to roads in and out of our bodies. That is why lipids are so crucial to the proper functioning of our body (skin and organs). If these pathways or “roads” are blocked in our cells, skin, organs, etc., they cannot function properly. I theorize that DMAE can help get these pathways functioning again by increasing choline in the skin. By increasing the choline in the skin, it then has the paths to flush the lipofuscin from the cells and return them to their healthy state. Based on our research, we theorize that using DMAE in conjunction with other antioxidants, we can begin to start healing our skin and stop the signs of aging, and that is why I genuinely believe that DMAE should be in your arsenal for skincare!

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