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Happy Scalp Detox My Itchy/Dry Scalp Serum


Product Description

We are sure everyone knows or has heard about scalp treatments on the market. We are no different. We do obtain samples constantly although not all of them will make it to our testing phase. This one did! The composition of the Apiscalp™ is not simply celery seed soaked in fractionated coconut oil. Apiscalp™ is a plant-based ingredient obtained from the sustainable supercritical CO2 extraction process.

Method of Application

It is best to apply this to clean hair and a dry scalp. Apply several drops around your scalp and gently massage in. Leave in over night. If for some reason (which we do not foresee) your scalp begins to burn, immediately wash your scalp.

List of Ingredients

Sesame Oil
- soothing
- conditioning
Coconut Cream
- healing
- aromatic
- fights acne
- highly antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral
- great as an overnight spot treatment
- when combined with other oils, it helps them to not go rancid
- reduces redness and flaking
Apiscalp™ (celery seed)
- fights against dandruff, itching, drynessand hyperseborrhea to provide beauty and comfort to both oily
  scalp and dry scalp. It controls the local microflora (Malassezia) proliferation, restores the scalp stratum
  corneum integrity and regulates the epidermal differentiation and desquamation.
Salicylic Acid 2.5%
- gentle deep pore exfoliant
Essential Oil Blend:
    Tea Tree Oil    
     - germicidal
     - antiseptic
     - healing
     - antifungal    
    Rosemary Oil
    - naturally stimulating with an excellent reputation for soothing irritated scalps, it was our natural
     choice to use
    Manuka Tea Tree Oil
    - Research has shown that Manuka oil from the East Cape region of New Zealand contains high
      levels of triketones, the naturally occurring chemical compound that provides powerful anti-bacterial
      and anti-fungicidal properties