Garden of Wisdom, its owner and employee(s) will not be held responsible for any results obtained from the purchase or sampling of any raw materials, whether effective, safe, harmful or otherwise.

All products may or may not be purchased by the Garden of Wisdom as a pharmaceutical grade material. The moment we open and repackage the product for our customers, the grade of product immediately becomes a technical grade. This is because we do not have a sterilized laboratory from which we work out of. We do take every precaution for your items to arrive clean, uncontaminated, and when in jars or bottles, sterilized as well.

The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires that our raw materials are not labeled to be a cure, treatment, or as otherwise noted, disease preventable.

Consumers/customers are advised to conduct their own tests to determine efficacy, safety, and suitability of purchased raw materials whether used alone or in conjunction with other companies' raw materials. We will not be held responsible for irresponsible use of our raw materials.

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Garden of Wisdoms liability under this agreement shall be limited to replacing a product(s) or refunding the customers purchase price, excluding shipping charges. Garden of Wisdom shall not be liable for any claims by the customer including lost profits, damage to business or goodwill or any other significant damages of any kind. This includes any product claims resulting from the marketing of the customer where the customer has mixed, blended, misrepresented, or packaged products which contain raw materials sold by Garden of Wisdom.

We do not sell our ingredients for internal use. We sell our ingredients for topical formulas only.

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