We appreciate all of the beautiful heartwarming love notes we have received from customers over the years.
We hope you enjoy them as much we do!

Love Notes

Thanks for all the assistance! I’m a loyal customer and I don’t get my oils from anywhere else. I really appreciate you guys at GOW, I can’t wait for my order to arrive! ~ Laron C.

I'm so glad I found your website. I love your products! My skin looks so much better now that I am no longer using commercial, chemical laden skin care. People compliment me all the time on my skin and hair and want to know "my secret"...and I tell them - Garden of Wisdom. Many thanks! - Emilie

Thank you so much for your Christmas Blessings and Blessings to all of you and GoW and your families. I so appreciate your attention to detail from creation to the customer!!! - Linda C.

I've been a loyal customer of Garden of Wisdom for at least ten years and am amazed by how you are still consistently providing the best skin/hair/body care products on the market despite how the beauty industry has exponentially exploded. Over the years, my needs have changed and I know that I can always rely on Garden of Wisdom to have everything I need as my body goes through its changes. I love that your formulas are crafted with top-notch natural ingredients backed by science and then blended to provide an elegant feel, AND they work! My skin is healthy and nourished, my hyperpigmentation faded and my lichen sclerosus is almost eradicated! No other products have been effective at treating those concerns, and I've tried many over the years. I appreciate that I can read up on the single ingredients and oils and have fun creating my own blends on occasion. (Who am I kidding - I've gone ham on the oils!)
Beyond that, your customer service is simply beyond par. The website is designed to be easy to use, I can get detailed descriptions of what the ingredients are and what they do, order samples to try the products, ask a question and receive a thoughtful and concise response very quickly, and request a bespoke formula. Your wholehearted commitment to making sure that your customers are well-informed is admirable. I am always learning something new when I read through the blog, check out the skincare profiles and read customer reviews and your responses to them.
You have made me feel respected, cared-for, and given me a wealth of knowledge that serves me every day. You all have been so helpful and funny and sweet that I am sincerely touched. Your generosity of spirit is inspiring and I just wanted to say thank you to you all from the bottom of my heart for everything you have given me and the rest of the GoW family. - Catherine G.

I thought I had adult acne for the past couple of years so I've tried all kinds of products to "cure" my skin condition. I spent hours reading beauty blogs and articles on skin care and product recommendations and also wasted a lot of money, only to have my skin get worse because of all the garbage I was putting on it. I went to a dermatologist and they prescribed expensive and harsh treatments. I finally came across GoW online and sent them an email to see what they would recommend for my "challenging" skin. Jen was so helpful and responsive to my (many) questions!  I feel like this product is helping with healing my skin after using harsh products for years, and I also feel like it gives my skin a bit of a glow. - Jennifer S.

I just have to say that you all make some of the most amazing products and source ingredients. I'm so happy a random Redditor led me here and will recommend your products to everyone!
💗 - Steph S.

I love the products and I love GoW.  It is one of the few companies that shows appreciation of customers by how they are present, quick to reply, willing to take care of anything needed, very respectful and we can interact with real people.  I'm a loyal fan! - Linda C.

I love every single product I’ve ordered so now just need to decide which one is my next best!  Everything is so lovely. - Shelly O.

Thank you for making wonderful products with integrity! - Anna H.

Good Morning! Just letting you know I received my lovely cream [PhytoEstrogen Cream].Yahoo! I love this stuff with a passion, and did I ever tell you I even love the earthy scent that it has. Need I say more? I may even order the big one next time. - Marie Z.

Practicing self love was not always easy for me but I learned to do so through the self care of my skin.  I knew there was a better way to achieve what I felt on the inside to match my outside.  It happened slowly through the faith and trust I had in GOW products.  Every time I wash my face with these products they literally leave me not only glowing but smiling too! I could write a novel on your products because they are literally what saved me. I got my life back thanks to GOW - Diane M.

Thanks again and by the way I’m a devotee of GOW. Your products are the absolute best. My skin has improved significantly in texture and tone since I switched a few years ago to GOW. Another thing I do which I believe has helped is to wash and rinse my face with distilled and spring water only. The tap water where I live near the Potomac often smells suspicious. So I believe the combination was of clean water and GOW has my skin in top shape. - Anna H.

GOW has changed my life (skin!) since my worsening allergies have reformulated me out of my former products!! The best part is that the customized “safe” products are of higher quality than what I used to be able to use!! And the second—and equal - best part is the exceptional customer service! - Gulie Q.

Thank all of you at GOW for everything you do and for making such wonderful and clean products. For real, I couldn't live without my GOW products! They are staples in my skincare routine and I'd be lost without them! I appreciate you all! - Rachel A.

I’ll be placing another order today... can’t be without my cellular eye complex and love to try new cleansers and fun mists and gels every time. I always get so many compliments on my skin and people routinely mistake me for 10+ years younger. No one believes I’m a grandma. I’ve been using your products exclusively on my face for maybe 10 years? I’ve changed the routine up over time but always stayed with you and now I’m reaping the benefits! - Erika M.

Hello - I’ve been using your products for some time & really like everything I’ve ever used. But occasionally I need a little glamor, so I have been buying a lot of (Unnamed Company) It’s just not as good for my skin as GoW products. Lesson learned. Just thought you all would be interested in someone who stepped away & came right back.- Annie R.

I've been using your products for a long time and really respect your company! As an aside, I discovered the forum over 10 years ago and I've learned so much over the years thanks to you. - Alissa H.

I just ordered large sizes of my favorites because I know I don't need to try anything else again. I'm hooked! You guys make amazing products:) wish u wealth and health!!! - Teal S.

First, I want to say thank you so much for your his company. My skin loves your products and can truly feel and see the difference. I also appreciate the amount of information on your blog- most companies have a quick blurb about what a product does (and rarely actually does). The GOW blog actually educates and allows me to make better choices for my skincare needs. Not to mention several times I’ve emailed a question and received a friendly and thorough response. I can’t thank you enough! - Courtney B.

Just wanted you to know that I love all of these products!! They're amazing and honestly the best skin care I've ever used! - Vickie L.

First, I just need to tell you that I’ve only been using your products for a couple of days and I’m THRILLED!! My skin has been absolutely horrific for a long time and just using the sulfur serum and mask to clear up my blemishes and “Oh No!” to heal all my picked spots ((shame face)) for a couple of days is making everything better!! I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU!!!!!! ❤️ - Amy D.G.

I have been using Garden of Wisdom products for almost 2 years now and they have been fantastic for my sensitive skin. Thank you for all that you and those that work hard for your business do! - Catherine C.

Love your products so much I’ll be a client forever, no website change shall deter me 💗 I’ve been using them for years and everyone always comments how young I look for my age (almost 40!) the cellular eye complex in particular is magic juice. Erika M.

Awesome, thank you so much! Y’all are the best—my longest running relationship with any single skincare company. - Darien B.

I just want to say I absolutely love your products! I have just recently received my first newsletter and look forward to being more involved with you events and giveaways :) -  Briana K.

I'm so incredibly grateful to you guys. Your products and Jen's guidance have literally SAVED MY SKIN!!! It's such a relief to have skincare that I can just trust. I don't have to be an ingredients scholar/police woman anymore. lol  - Julia J.

I’ve read the history behind GoW. Thank you for the return of money of shipping and let me congratulate you for the really good job that you have made with the products you create. I really appreciate the natural nature of your facial products. And let me tell you that it’s a loooong long time that I’m in search of something as natural as your products. So you make me happy. - Mia B.

Thank you so much for your recent newsletter highlighting oils for dry and dehydrated skin. I've been wanting to order some oils to add to my moisturizer, but the prospect of combing through all your oils to find the right ones for me was daunting. Then voilà! Your newsletter came and saved me. Now I know exactly which oils to get, plus if I get it together to write some reviews before I order I can even get a discount. Wow, how great is that?! So again, thank you for your perfectly timed newsletter. - Hamsa V.

Hey Jen, thank you so so so so much! I had no idea you did consultations and that’s amazing to hear! I am def interested in doing this so if you can please send me a link when your available. No rush seeing as I’ve struggled with my skin for like 20 years now 😂 and thank you so much for the articles as well! These were surprisingly informative considering how much I have read about through the years. I had blood work done again this year thinking something would show up with my hormones but it all seemed regular. I wasn’t sure that a more thorough one would be needed in that instance. I have state assistance medical care so I doubt they cover anything great like that lol. Again thank you so much! I don’t know if your an owner or employee for GOW but they are lucky to have you. Most companies I feel don’t respond as great as this. I tried to get in contact with Avene this past year and emailing with them was like talking to a wall lol . So stay awesome and if possible send me the link for a consultation please. I really love what your company stands for and your support of customers is amazing...Thank you for renewing my faith in the skin care industry lol.
(follow up a few weeks later) I will def keep you posted and seriously thank you again so much for time and brain lol I’m not complaining but you could def charge more money for this awesome consultation. I really appreciate it - Maryanne S.

Hi "Dr. Jen"
I just had to write to you ... I'm absolutely stunned at what a difference your GoW "prescription" has made in my skin! I've used the new regimen for a week now and I swear, I — quite literally — look YEARS younger already! I am absolutely elated and cannot thank you enough for your expert advice and incredible products! I didn't think this much improvement was even possible -- I want to be president of the GoW fan club!! Many, many thanks.
Disclaimer: Jen is not actually a Dr. ;) - Sara P

First of all, thank you so much for all your help. You guys are an amazing company and really make me feel so tickled inside :) hehe Your kindness and compassion for your customers really shows and I thank you so much for being as wonderful as you guys are in this crazy world :) Secondly, I have searched so much for a cleanser and since switching to yours it's been a miracle and I'm so grateful that you have made it your mission to share the beautiful remedies of nature with the rest of the world. You are a modern day witch :) hehe Thank you so much Jen!!!!! So very much for everything! - Mary K.

I've always been a fan of GOW products and find their customer service to be like no other! Jen has given me so much help over the years, I'm always incredibly grateful! I was looking for a nice, potent anti serum and was drawn to this one as SOD is an excellent powerhouse. My sensitive skin loves this and the spray delivery system is a delight during the water phase of a skincare routine. I think the formulation is fantastic and will certainly be buying more. Thanks GOW for a fabulous service and exceptional products as usual! :) - Kristelle O.

I'm absolutely loving my GoW products and my skin is looking really, really good! I am SO grateful to you and GoW for not only the awesome products, but the guidance in what I needed!!! I'm clearly in a healing phase -- I can't thank you magical skin fairies enough -- the transformations in my skin are nothing short of miraculous!" - Sara

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all the hard work that you do. I have ALWAYS gotten excellent customer service from you, and the shipping issues are absolutely no fault of yours. I just thought a friendly reminder of appreciation might be needed at a time like this :) Please know that for every negative voice, you have a hundred satisfied customers. GoW has changed my life with their products and I recommend y’all to everyone. Thanks again, I can’t wait to make my next order! - Jen M-W.

Thank you for you swift and informative response.  It is so heart warming to know that some companies still care. - Jane S.

My consultation with Jen changed my entire skincare journey. I came away from our conversation with a full suggested regimen of GOW products for my concerns, and I’m still using exclusively GOW skincare products a year later. We talked diet, hydration, exercise, stress — she thinks holistically about what can cause and treat specific concerns, which is so useful and affirming. She’s been available with detailed and thoughtful responses to my questions along the way. I know Jen is genuinely committed to improving my skin and celebrating my progress.
During the consultation, Jen led me through a deep dive into my previous skincare and makeup routine and helped me understand which ingredients were irritating or harming my skin. My hormonal acne ended up needing medical intervention and, once that was under control, Jen recommended some upgrades to my routine that would target my discoloration and scars.  Having broad access to affordable sample sizes of these products makes it easier to find exactly what works for me, and also makes it clear that GOW is committed to matching effective products with the right customers. I still check labels on new products using what I learned in my consultation with Jen. I also think back on Jen's advice when choosing new GOW products to add to my rotation, and she's still available to answer questions if I have them. The consultation was extremely valuable in the moment and, even more than that, it permanently empowered me with new information and insights that I'll use (and share) for a long time.  - Katryce L.

I am 83 years old and blessed with good health. I enjoy working in my garden having good friends. My son and daughter-in law gave me a Garden of Wisdom Skin care kit for my birthday. I liked the way my skin felt. I had been using the products for about two weeks when my sister came down from Atlanta for a visit. I became aware of her looking at me closely several times. She told me that my skin looked more moist and healthier than the last time she saw me. She wanted to know what change I had made, and wanted to try the kit. She went back to Atlanta and told her daughter and bout it and she is going to order it also...Just because I am older than they are doesn't mean I have forgotten to check on the beauty secrets. -  Margaret

I have been using GoW products for YEARS now.  I always had super, super Sahara in a drought dry skin.  I never had a pimple in my life, wonderful when I was a teen, but not so great as I aged.  Since I started using GoW my skin is NEVER dry.  As it became balanced I even got a pimple, about which I was very excited.
Every new thing that comes onto the market is immediately available in some of Markey's concoctions, and the sample program allows you to try things without breaking the bank.  In fact, even full size products are so very reasonable that you can try things and change often, which, of course is good for skin.
Money is not wasted on packaging, marketing, and perfumes, all of which send prices sky high.  All this keeps prices in everyone's budget.
Add to this the wonderful, personal service offered by Jen, who is incredibly knowledgeable, and helps one adapt a program to each individual skin type.  They will even adapt products for individual needs. I don't know about you, but I have never experienced anything like this.  The years have passed, and gravity has had it's effect, but without GoW I would be showing my age way more than I am. Every time I get a compliment on my skin I tip an imaginary hat to wonderful GoW.  I always tell people where to get a skin like mine. - Lesley

Hello…My name is Jackie.  I would like to share my experience with Garden Of Wisdom’s products. I am 62 and have had a progressively worsening case of severe Rosacea since I was 35. It had gotten to the point that I had constant, painful breakouts and bumpy, inflamed, red skin that looked like a bad sunburn, all the time.  I have used another manufacturer’s “natural” products for almost a year now, with some improvement, but not what I would call good results.
I am so happy I have found Garden of Wisdom!  I called to ask questions and received exceptional help over the phone regarding my skin condition.   I didn’t expect any real changes for at least a month or so, but I’m VERY HAPPY to report that after only one week of using the product, my skin is near normal again!  The flushed cheeks and spider veins are almost gone and the flare-ups of painful pimples have stopped.  There are a few pores that are still healing from before, but I expect my skin to be totally healed within another few weeks. I am so excited to have clear, smooth skin again.  I highly recommend the wonderfully natural products and the knowledgeable staff of Garden of Wisdom.  I have FINALLY found something that truly works for my sensitive skin type! - Jackie H.

I recently bought mandelic acid serum on the advice of a girlfriend, another product to try to rid myself of my embarrassing adult acne, that probably wouldn't work, none of the other products ever did! Boy am I glad I listened to her! I absolutely cannot believe how wonderful this stuff is! I have spent hundreds of dollars on big name products, but none of them compare to this! I also got a sample size of 'give me back my rosy glow mask' it's definitely a keeper! I absolutely love the sample options, it's great to try before spending too much money on a product that might not work for you. Thank you for providing great skin care products at great prices! - S.C.

Hey everyone! I haven't posted in years, maybe Jen & Markey remember me, I dunno, but I wanted to say thank you! A quick recap: I found GoW when I was suffering from cystic acne on (what I thought) sensitive, combo skin and had tried everything the dermatologist recommended (peels, antibiotics, injections, etc) and it was only getting worse. After posting here, I started using oil cleansers, serums and hydrosols to soothe all that irritation, and oils like emu to heal and repair. And I haven't had a cystic comodone in years! Well, I wanted to tell you that you guys did more than just help my skin. You changed me. My transformation inspired me. I started making my own cleansers and products for friends to help them too and as of this year, I'm now back in school to get my estheticians license! And you know what? Now that I'm in school and learning even more about skin....I see how unique and amazing GoW is. So many of the practices and products taught to us in school are awful!!! They teach us to overdo EVERYTHING. too many products, too many treatments, invasive extractions, treatments that have no scientific basis or merit, all to sell sell sell. It's made me value you guys even more. I plan on posting more often again here....cause there are a ton of things I've learned I want to run by you guys. Atlanta needs a GoW spa!!! Do you guys do franchises?? ;) - D.K.

 I am very happy to discover your company and i just placed my second order  (i placed my first order just 2-3 weeks ago!!!). Thank you for all you do! I  saw your YouTube videos about life of the order and how you package it and  it is very impressive how much work goes into each order..Thank you in advance and hope to get my order soon. P.S. I hope i will get my order in time and i should according to your processing and shipping time because i an going to visit my relatives back in Russia (i am leaving 14th of April) and taking all you products (some as
presents and some for myself to experiment). Thank you for all you do! - Olesya

It's been 3 or 4 weeks since I started using GoW products, and just love them all...I was having dry/dehydrated looking skin and these are the products that i decided to try....Blueberry exfo serum, blueberry ha serum, super hydrating ha serum, marityme gel, frankincense hydrosol, strawberry hydrating mist and vegetarian base cream.....all these products helped my skin look better and feel better...I have seen a difference in the way my skin looks...it looks brighter and no longer looks dry or dehydrated.  I will be using nothing but GoW products from now on......marityme gel also has removed my acne scars which really was surprising to me now my face looks nice and clear, thanks Markey for creating such wonderful products, you're simply the best....N.C.

I have been meaning to write this for some time now.   Before I started Garden of Wisdom products my skin was always breaking out here and there and I never had that flawless, smooth, glowing skin that I wanted.....not matter what I tried.   I had also tried to manage the acne breakouts with benzoyl peroxide and that only dried out my already dry skin and left my skin red ....not to mention that it did not really help clear up the acne.   Not until I started your products did my skin start to REALLY change and now it is flawless, smooth and radiant!!!  The only time I have a breakout now is if I get lazy and do not wash and remove my makeup at night.....but once I use your blemish products it is gone within a couple of days.  My skin has also went from dry to normal with no reddish tint to it ....it is glowing and I have the skin I always wanted and who would have know it could be this easy!!!  Thank you both so much from the bottom of my heart!!!! - A.L.

Pretty much from the first time. . . I tried GoW samples I was hooked! With a little bit of trial and error, my skin is now almost always 100% acne free. Before, GoW I had super oily, red, sensitive skin from Benzoyl Peroxide used for the acne on my face, which did not seem to want to go away no matter what products I tried. With the routine of skincare from GoW, my skin is now balanced, hydrated and no longer red and sore! I will definitely keep ordering these products and thank Markey for the wonderful customer service and Jen and everyone on the forums for helping me choose products that are right for my skin
- J.

Oh and I got my order today thank you! Can’t wait to try the sebum control antioxidant serum! Thanks - RB

I found out about GoW while researching . . . mineral makeup. The women using the GoW hydrosols to help condition and set the makeup love GoW so I was intrigued. Being a “new” mom at the time, I was slowly moving towards the idea of going with gentler but still effective products for me and the family. I gradually found my way to the GoW forums. Using the info and insight I gained from there, I decided to start with a basic routine with a gentle cleanser, hydrosol, carrier oil and base cream. I loved the results. The cleanser no longer left my skin tight and itchy. The rose hydrosol felt good on my skin. The 2 drops of oil plus veggie cream did feel like it was just sitting on top of my face but I couldn’t argue with the morning-after results. My face was soft, smooth and hydrated but not oily! After I had my 2nd daughter, I researched some more and added in a HA serum. (I mix in a few drops of the HA serum with my carrier oil and it sinks right in.)
There are many things that I love about GoW. All the products I use come from a reputable, knowledgeable vendor, that my money goes to high quality ingredients (instead of packaging or worse, filler ingredients) and that I have such a range of ingredients and products to use that I can honestly say my routine is tailor-fit just right for MY skin. And last but not least, I love that GoW has shown me that I can also craft my own products to fit my needs and my family. I just placed an order yesterday for more West Shea, 3 carrier oils and coconut oils so I can craft a body butter for my 3 yr old daughter who is battling an eczema breakout at the moment. I don’t have to worry about preservatives, I don’t have to wonder if my $20 was worth it b/c I know the 6 oz butter I’ll end up with will be 4 oz of unrefined West Shea (not the cheap refined stuff with all the goods things cooked out of it nor will it be 99% mineral oil with a touch of shea plus whatever unnecessary additives like you find at a lot stores, even the expensive ones!).  J.L. from Los Angeles, California