Crystal Body Polish and Exfoliator


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Garden of Wisdom aims to create products that offer you healthier and safer alternatives to those manufactured by larger companies. This body wash is our version of the popular salt and sugar scrubs, but with a few noticeable differences.

First, you'll find our body wash does not have the rough texture typical of most standard body scrubs, yet it will gently exfoliate your skin. Additionally, this product does not contain synthetic fragrances or parabens. We use pure essential oils and/or specific essences. By far the biggest difference in our body wash is that we do NOT incorporate oils in it, as you find in so many commercial body scrubs. Oils are beneficial and lovely in their place, but they are dangerous in the shower as they can cause slipping and falling.

So try this fantastic exfoliating wash. Use it and be safe!

Method of Application
You would apply this as you would any body gel cleanser. Allowing this to sit for a few minutes will really exfoliate the body. As always, enjoy!

Crystal Body Polish and Exfoliator