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Garden of Wisdom's Calm and Hydrate Mist is a natural, calming, soothing hydrating mist. We have artfully blended Chickweed, Comfrey, Cleavers and Wild Cherry Bark Hydrosol with Allantoin, and Oat Beta Glucans. Mist any time you need hydration that is also calming. Can be used as a toner, or use this liquid in a mask. This product is a top seller for us!

Method of Application
Apply throughout the day as needed and during the hydration stages of your routine before any hydrating gels. May also be used in place of a toner

Calm and Hydrate Mist

Customer Reviews

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Diane McKegney
My All Time Favorite!

Even though its gentle it offers a powerful punch to help calm and reduce redness all while bringing hydration to the skin. I spray this after cleansing and if more is needed I will even spritz some on a cotton round and apply to my skin that way. It is the first thing I do in the morning (I don't wash in the am) and it helps my makeup apply better. Bonus that there is not much of a scent for us sensitive gals!!

Hi, Diane :-)
Your comment made our hearts smile. I absolutely love this product!
As you mentioned, it's not only a wonderful hydrator but the smell is minimal and comes
from a natural source. No icky fragrances.
Have a beautiful weekend when it comes around.

The missing link in any skin regimen

This spray is INCREDIBLE! I like that it's convenient to use AM/PM and throughout the day. The spray bottle never sticks or gives me any issue either. I've used a few rosewater sprays and regular water sprays so I could see if this really made a difference. It definitely reduces my redness, especially after using exfoliants, and calms my skin.

I prefer it to anything else I've used including glycerin (which is a queen moisturizing ingredient). Glycerin made my face too oily in humid FL. This, however, did not and left me neither oily or dry by end of day after AM application.

I like that it has a neutral smell and plays well with other ingredients. I use this prior to the hyaluronic serum. It makes my skin incredibly smooth and far less irritated. I highly recommend that combo for any skin type!

So glad you are loving this! Thank you :)

Vital for healing inflammation!

I had a severe allergic reaction to a sunscreen a while back, and after eliminating all actives until that was resolved, I decided to try Calm and Hydrate Mist. In addition to wanting to address the residual redness and swelling, I also noticed that my areas of hyperpigmentation had become much more prominent and recalled that inflammation is a common trigger. I was amazed at how effective this was at eliminating the overall inflammation and greatly reducing my hyperpigmentation, and my skin looks better than it has for years. I also use this on my lichen sclerosus (lady parts, y'all!) which is miraculously healing. I also use Oat Enriched Facial Serum and Calming Moisture Serum in conjunction with the Calm and Hydrate Mist and this routine is perfection for me.
Thank you, GoW!

Thank you for reviewing this! We appreciate it :)

Izabela Szabo
One of my faves

I am using several of these Hydrate mists from GOW.
This is one of my favorites. I use it before applying the Aging with Wisdom oil blend . It is a great combination . I love it ! Please never stop making this wonderful product !

So glad you are loving this one! <3

So lovely

I love this mist! I used to have sensitive skin and since simplifying my routine, my skin has drastically improved. I love using this mist daily after shower or even at night. It feels so nice on the skin and is definitely quite gentle. Very hydrating and calming just like the name.

We're so glad you are loving this! Thank you :)