Encapsulated Glacier Water Hydrating Gel


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Garden of Wisdom's Encapsulated Glacier Water Hydrating Gel is high in minerals and trace elements, as well as a fantastic hydrator and skin energizer. Formulated at the highest strength recommended by the manufacturer, glacier water leaves a refreshed, clean feel to the skin. Highly soothing to irritated skin, as well as refreshing and calming. Deeply hydrating and restoring, this product is appropriate for all skin types.

Glycoproteins are a dermal matrix material. It is a true moisturizing glycoprotein taken from living cells. It is extracted from yeast (not the kind of yeast to cause any topical issues) by a controlled process that preserves its high molecular weight and native structure, making it the perfect moisturizing and strengthening collagen replacement for skin and hair.

Method of Application
Apply during the water-soluble phase of your routine, after you cleanse, tone, and apply all other serums, and before you apply any oils, lotions, or creams.

Encapsulated Glacier Water Hydrating Gel