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Garden of Wisdom's Passion Fruit Seed Oil is rich in vitamin A and potassium to help keep skin healthy. As well as being nourishing, passion fruit seed oil is antibacterial, so is good for use on acne-prone skin. As an anti-inflammatory and naturally anti-itch, this oil will help to reduce swelling and irritation of the skin. Passion fruit oil also contains ascorbic acid, β-carotene, calcium, flavonoids, phosphorus, and potassium. Gently Brightening. Passion fruit oil has been shown to reduce sebum secretion, promoting a drier skin feel, and is an excellent addition to anti-acne and sensitive skin care applications.

Passion Fruit Seed Oil aka Maracuja Oil

Properties antibacterial, anti-itch, anti-inflammatory

Acidity Value: (mgKOH/g) Max. 5
Appearance: Viscous liquid
Botanical Name: Passiflora edulis
Color: Orange
Contains: High in Vitamin A and Potassium
Derived From: The Seed
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Iodine Value: (gI2/100g) 115-150
Origin: Brazil, Organic
Odor: Mild Odor
Specific gravity: (20°C) 0.880 – 0.950
Peroxide value:  (meq/kg) 10.0 Max.
Sap. Value: (mgKOH/g)  150-210
Base Oil: Can be used up to 100% strength
Shelf Life: 2 years (longer if kept refrigerated)
Storage: Keep in cool (below 25°C) storage in unopened containers away from light and moisture.

Passion Fruit Seed Oil Organic

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Ok last review, I’m just hoping these reviews will help some fellow acne-prone people. But this oil is AWESOME. I mixed a couples drops with GOW’s safflower oil and it was amazing. Left my skin super soft and helped with redness. I have dry, acne prone skin and this oil is on the dryer side which is why I mixed a couple drops in with the safflower oil for my day/night face moisturizer. On its own, it’s a little drying so the passion fruit oil would be the perfect moisturizer for someone with oily/combination skin in my opinion. But my skin looks so healthy and glowy right now I’m in love. Also shoutout to Jen for getting back to me so quickly regarding questions I had!

We're so pleased you are loving this oil! It is a top seller! Great idea mixing it with Also thank you for your comments ~ Jen :D