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Majik Fruity 'Exfoliating' Mask


Naturally delicious, our Majik Fruity Exfoliating Mask clears away dead skin cells without compromising the integrity of the epidermis. Strawberries are hydrating and moisturizing, while pineapple is a great natural exfoliant. This mask is very healing, and will leave skin smooth and clear after it is washed away.

Method of Application

After cleansing, spread a thin layer of this product onto your skin. Let the mask sit up to 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water until your skin is clean.

List of Ingredients

Spring Water
- hydrating
Strawberry Fruit
- moisturizing
- hydrating
- reviving
Pineapple Fruit
- natural exfoliant
- hydrating
- nutritious
Fig Fruit  
- healing
- calming
- soothing
Marshmallow Root
- hydrating
- soothing
Cellulose Gum
- natural thickener
- broad spectrum, paraben free preservative