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Majik Fruity Moisturizing Mask


Our Fruity Moisturizing Masks use natural fruit acids to work in harmony with every skin type. Hydrating and plumping, they soothe tired, weary skin and moisturize deep into the dermis to rejuvenate skin. Fig calms the skin, while along with apricot fruit, hydrates the skin. Apples are an excellent antioxidant and help to refresh the skin.

Application Method

After cleansing, spread a thin layer of this product onto your skin. Let the mask sit up to 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water until your skin is clean.

List of Ingredients

Spring Water hydrating
Fig Fruit soothing, healing, hydrating
Marshmallow Root repairing, healing, calming
Apricot Fruit hydrating, gentle
Apple Fruit antioxidant, refreshing
Cellulose Gum natural thickener
Optiphen broad spectrum, paraben free preservative