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Carrier Oils and Their Color Variations
(Yellow/Gold Range)
These are a range of colors you can find in the yellow/gold range. They can range from light/clear yellow to a golden yellow, a yellow brown or even a yellow orange.
In this article, we are going to focus on the variation in yellow/gold colored oils. So many times we get emails asking about the colors of our oils. We thought an article about this can help expand upon this.

With so many carrier oils to choose from these days - we wanted to address something that may not be so obvious to many new to purchasing carrier oils from a supplier with so many options.
Generally, when you walk into a health food store you will find typical oil colors to be clear, to light gold or gold, but there are so many more oils out there with varying colors and thicknesses that we wanted to share information that can be useful to help aid in the understanding in the whole world of carrier oils. Most of the oils in health food stores (at least at this time) are refined meaning they can standardize the way they look.
We prefer cold pressed/unrefined oils in general and only offer a few of these refined oils.
In future articles we will address
  • The variations in each color range (greens, oranges and reds, browns, and the rare green blues…)
  • The thickness of oils and fatty acid “floaters” because so many think this means that there is growth in the oil when in reality the fatty acids have just separated in the oil itself.
  • We will also address smell of carrier oils as this is such a big subject too!
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