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Clean Skin Care -
What does "clean" mean in your skin care products?
At Garden of Wisdom, we have always taken great pride in our products and ingredients. Long before clean and natural became buzz words, we have strived for and gravitated toward what is safe and acceptable for the skin. As a small company, we have made small typos or errors here and there along the way but have always been upfront and transparent about every ingredient in every product.
Transparency has always been a natural element of the Garden of Wisdom brand. Our philosophy has always been to never put an ingredient into a product that we would not want on our own skin. Some of our products contain safe synthetics such as Optiphen (a preservative, which is necessary for the shelf life of some products), as well as some lab-derived actives, which help create safe and nontoxic finished products.

We have always avoided ingredients like parabens, triclosan, aluminum zirconium, SLS, oxybenzone, avobenzone, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, coal tar, synthetic colors, talc, asbestos and many others. These unsafe ingredients have been discussed for years in beauty blogs, magazine articles, studies, and books. Some say that if you cannot read the ingredient list you should step away from the product. Caution is always advised when reading labels, however, many safe ingredients have long and difficult to pronounce names, such as various peptides. Many ingredients with long names can have incredible properties and be wonderful for a wide array of skin types. But did you know that the often-included ingredient “fragrance” is possibly one of the most misleading and toxic skincare ingredients out there?

The umbrella term “fragrance” can contain up to a thousand different ingredients within itself that are never listed, and the average consumer does not realize how toxic they are. Keep in mind that our skin can absorb almost anything that we apply to it. Essential oils are typically safe in small quantities, although caution must always be taken when using them. Research is the pinnacle of good skincare!
We continually strive to educate ourselves and our customers concerning almost every skincare topic. Please keep in mind that many large companies use fillers in their products that help make them more cost-effective for the company to formulate and produce.

Garden of Wisdom and countless other small, indie brands are knowledgeable, intuitive, kind, and offer incredible and accessible clean products. Please continue your quest for excellent skincare knowing that we are always here to answer any questions you may have.

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