Adipofill™ Natural Wrinkle Filler Serum


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There are three processes in face aging: cellular aging, cutaneous aging, and structural aging, which is where Adipofill™ fits in. Structural aging decreases adipose tissue, which is responsible for facial plumpness. As we age, this "fat pad progressively melts due to a disturbance of adipocyte metabolism, which causes the appearance of deep nasolabial folds, saggy jowls and hollowness under the eyes." Adipofill™ was engineered to mimic lipofilling results (such as those used in plastic surgery) by activating hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-1-alpha, a transcription factor, stimulating adipocyte anabolism and decreasing fatty acids release, ultimately decreasing nasogenian wrinkles for a plumper and youthful look, and offering facial rejuvenation.

NOTE: A couple of our customers developed a rash to this serum followed by tiny bumps. Double-check to make sure the ingredients are adaptable to your skin profile.

Method of Application
Apply several drops to targeted areas two times per day after cleansing and toning. Let dry and continue with layering your serums or adding oil and/or cream if deemed necessary to seal these important actives into the skin.

Shelf Life and Storage Information for Products and Ingredients

Finished products generally don't need to be refrigerated as they are preserved, but you can refrigerate them to extend shelf life. Shelf life is 9 - 12 months

Sample sizes do have a shorter shelf life (generally 3-6 months and items in jars can dry up quicker than this if the lid is not tightened well enough (except our vitamin C serums - use within 90 days).

Please try to keep out of high humidity or heat if possible! Store out of direct light and in dark cabinet if possible also!

Exfoliating Acid products will last 1 year.

The only thing we don't suggest refrigerating is the mandelic or salicylic acid serums as those can crystallize in the refrigerator and not go back to their normal state even if you warm them up.

Additional Items Requiring Refrigeration

Hydrosols - Take out 1/2 oz to 1 oz in a separate spray bottle from your original container and keep the larger bottle in the refrigerator!

Carrier Oils - Generally you can refrigerate ALL carrier oils, they will solidify in some cases. This is FINE all you have to do is take it out warm it up at room temp and it will be liquid again!
There are some oils that have a super long shelf life like coconut oil for instance! That does not need to be refrigerated, but it cannot hurt it either!

Essential Oils - Essential oils are best stored in a cool dark place.

Co2 Oils - These should always be refrigerated.

Butters - We suggest refrigerating our skincare butters. You can take out what you need and keep the rest in the fridge.

Essential oils - These can be refrigerated to increase their shelf life!

Clays - Keep in a dry, dark place (shelf life is at least 2 years)

Herbs - (whole or ground) These should last a good year at least - Keep in a dark, cool and dry location.

Herbal Extracts - [powder] Keep these also in a dark, DRY place. You can keep in the fridge, but make sure the seal is on very tight so you don't get moisture in. [1 year at least].

Herbal Extracts - [liquid] These can be kept in the refrigerator (or a dark DRY place] [3 years at least]

Other Various Raw Ingredients - i.e. Sodium PCA, Honeyquat, Iat Beta Glucan etc will all have a different shelf life (we are working on adding this to the ingredient pages.

Spring Water hydrating, natural solvent

Anemarrhena Asphodeloides Root Extract skin plumping

Panthenol B-5 penetrating moisturizer, soothing, healing, encourages cell regeneration

Glycoproteins aids in the cellular repair process, boosts the skin's oxygen content, increases the energy level of skin cells by enhancing the production of energy-rich adenosine triphosphate, high in polysaccharides which allows for extra hydration to the skin. Glycoproteins boost the skin's oxygen content, increase the cellular respiration capacity, and increase the energy level of skin cells by enhancing the production of energy-rich adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Glycoproteins also have moisturizing properties due to their content of water-binding polysaccharides.

Adipofill™ (formulated with the strongest percentage recommended by manufacturer) a patented L-ornithine amino acid encapsulated in an Ionosome. Adipofill™ reproduces lipohormesis phenomenon by activating HIF-1α gene expression and related genes involved in the global adipocyte anabolism. Adipofill™ therefore mimics lipofilling result in a non-surgical way. By acting on adipose tissue growth with a bio-contolled and non-invasive mechanism, Adipofill™ clinically reverses the age-related signs of lipoatrophy. Adipofill™ is thus an innovative, sophisticated and high-tech ingredient that fights the aging process for a plump and youthful look.

Aspen Bark Extract preservative, gentle exfoliator, anti-bacterial

Astaxanthin naturally-occurring carotenoid found in algae,  anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory

Resveratrol functions (in plants) as a phytoalexin, a substance produced by plants that can inhibit the growth of infecting fungi or other pathogens. Resveratrol presents itself with  antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective activities which fights the degradation of cell functioning to fight the free-radicals

Xanthan Gum natural thickener