ReNew Cream


Available Options


Garden of Wisdom's ReNew Cream does exactly that - it renews and rejuvenates skin as well as heals skin and nourishes it from a cellular level. Since this has a cumulative effect we would suggest using it for 4 weeks and then take a week off for the skin to crave this again. This is trial and error as most companies, we believe, would suggest no break at all. Also has excellent anti-pollution properties.

Method of Application
Apply a pea sized to a dime sized amount, depending on what your skin needs, after the water soluble phase of your routine. This should be the final phase of layering in your skin care routine, as it will help to hold moisture and nutrients in the skin.

NOTE: New option available if you are looking for a lighter texture - see our Lighter Version option (located under the formula option), which contains Sugarmulse (emulsifier) instead of Polawax NF.

ReNew Cream