Poppy Seed Oil


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Garden of Wisdom's Poppy Seed Oil is quite popular for its stability and shelf life. This being said, Poppy Seed Oil is highly coveted for tackling dandruff, split ends and for its nourishing characteristics. As an antioxidant this oil offers that little bit of added protection for your skin. With its unsaturated fatty acids and minerals Poppy Seed Oil is also considered to have healing benefits, anti-inflammatory properties and is odorless.

Properties easy to absorb, moisturizing, easily sink into the skin, antioxidant, high in fatty acids, nourishing, light texture, protects and supports the skin and extremely stable

Botanical Name: 
Papaver Orientale
Origin: Pakistan
Extraction Method: Expeller Pressed, Refined
Color: Yellow
Derived From: The Seeds
Contains: High in Linoleic Acid and Minerals
Base Oil: Up to Users Discretion
Shelf Life: 24 Months (if kept refrigerated)

Poppy Seed Oil