Essential Oils 100% Pure
Note: Our Essential Oils come packaged in a Glass Bottle. We encourage you to choose Priority Mail. First Class, packages are shipped in a bubble envelope, unsafe for any Glass Bottle. We ship our essential oils in GLASS with Polyseal caps that DO NOT contain droppers of any type. When rubber attached to the glass dropper marries with the essential oil, it is a torrid affair. The essential oil will dissolve the rubber!
Ā  Ā  Please do not store your essential oils in dropper bottles.Ā 
Essential Oils Suggested Use Rate.Ā  This is an estimate and can vary for each oil. We suggest thoroughly researching before use.Ā  Up to 1% (start at .05%) for the face and neck and up to 2% for the body.
  • We do not suggest consuming essential oils internally.. this has become widespread among some essential oil companies.
  • Because of it, the FDA is coming down on them, asking them to stop, and is now considering regulating essential oils. This could be better.Ā Ā Essential oils are so volatile that if taken internally (on too regular of a basis) and even in some cases immediate reaction.. they can act as a solvent on your insides. They can deteriorate the organs in your digestive system. Those of us in the aromatherapy community (literally, we know the big aromatherapy names that have been working with essential oils for decades) are appalled at using the oils in this way.
  • Do NOT use Essential Oils on Humans, Cats, Dogs, or other animals without full knowledge and research. We cannot be held liable for the misuse of these essential oils.
  • We implore you, please educate yourself
    before using essential oils in any
    way, and any form!

    Ylang-Ylang is a tropical tree that produces fragrant flowers to make Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil.Ā It is important to note...
    Zedoaria Essential OilĀ is the most common ingredient used in the perfumery industries lending to its delectable aroma. This...