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Garden of Wisdom's Sulfur Clearing Mask leaves your skin fresh and clear. Sulfur helps to stop active breakouts by drying blemishes, and helps to prevent later breakouts by keeping pores clear. A blend of clay's gently exfoliate, while drawing toxins from the skin. Aloe Vera soothes and heals damaged skin. 

Method of Application
Can be used every couple of days until you see a desired result. Then you can move to a maintenance program every week or so as needed. This does not dry hard but it does dry. Rinse with warm water.

Sulfur Clearing Mask

Customer Reviews

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Best Mask I’ve Ever Used!

I thought that Goldfaden MD’s Detox Sulfur Mask (which is $85 for 2oz) was the best thing ever, but I was SO wrong. Because of the incredible ingredients in GOW’s sulfur mask and the affordable price, I decided to give it a try—and I’m beyond grateful that I did!! My skin loves this stuff so much. It clears and calms my skin so fast and the jar lasts forever. I had some of the expensive Goldfaden stuff left and used it for the first time in months yesterday because I hate waste! WHAT A MISTAKE. I guess my face got used to the purity of GOW and the Goldfaden broke me out! Sigh. I’ll never make that mistake again. Garden of Wisdom’s Sulfur Clearing Mask is the only one I’ll ever use again. Please never stop making it and offering it so affordably! It’s glorious, goopy GOLD.

Are you a copywriter? You are a serious wordsmith!
I'm sorry you had a breakout though. Hopefully, your 'new' mask option
helped you clear up. I know it isn't usually that easy.
What you said about the purity of GOW products is heartwarming, thank you.
Markey :-D

Just Buy It!

I'm obsessed with this mask. I've purchased my second jar, and put my sister on to this too. I was suffering badly with cystic fungal acne, and did so much damage to my skin using harsh products trying to get rid of the acne, but I was only making things much worse. I used the peter thomas roth sulfur mask for years, and it helped, but it also dried my skin out so much. This GOW sulfur mask helps shrink any active acne without drying out my skin. It's so gentle and balanced. I sometimes spot treat overnight with it as well, and the pimple is always smaller in the morning. I use it 1-2 times/week and it's been an absolute game changer for my skin. I won't be without this mask!

We're so glad you are loving this mask! Thank you!

A winner

I'm so used to clay masks that dry your face out or don't actually heal your skin. This mask is a winner! It doesn't dry hard or hurt my face. When you go to wash it off, it leaves your face feeling so soft. It looks like it actually healed your face afterwards. Also, YES to the price!

So glad you are loving this mask! Thank you!

jan s
Please try this mask. It is wondeful!

I'm still raving! This mask is wonderful! I'm one who suffers mostly from hormonal acne and those times in which I may tend to interfere/pick a clogged pore and this "stuff" is really helping. If I picked a clog that didn't need a little encouragement, I apply this right away and it stops it from becoming an under grounder, which in the past could happen very easily. I also apply it to any monthly semi-inflamed spot (to catch it before it may develop), and it calms it right-a-way, and in a couple of days it surfaces and expels so easily, which was really rare for me in the past.
I just wanted to share again for those that may have missed this miraculous product...