Black Currant Seed Oil


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Garden of Wisdom's Black Currant Seed Oil conditions rough skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Rejuvenating and reviving mature skin, blackcurrant seed oil has anti-aging properties that help to turn back what time has done to the skin. This oil helps to repair skin damaged by the sun and maintains healthy skin. 

This is a vibrant oil, which some say has the scent of seaweed or fish.

Properties repairs skin damaged by sun, maintains healthy skin, rejuvenating, revive mature skin, and conditioning.

Botanical Name: Ribes nigrum
Origin: Australia
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed/Unrefined
Color: Golden
Derived From: The Seeds
Contains: Gamma Linolenic Acid (high level)
Base Oil: Can be used up to 100%, though this is rich, so you may want to use up to 20%
Shelf Life: Of this oil is six months to 1 year (if kept refrigerated, less than other oils)

Black Currant Seed Oil