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You can find our Shipping Policies, Sample Policies, Return Policies and Raw Material Ingredient & Liability Disclaimers below.

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Shipping Policies

Please check your order upon arrival for any errors or damages.
Let us know within 48 hours so we can take care of any issues immediately.


NOTE: Your shipping notice will come from
Please add them to your e-mail contact list
We ship to the address in the "Shipping" section of your order.
We do not use the addresses in PayPal.

Once a package leaves our facility they become the responsibility of the USPS (United States Postal Service). It is up to USPS to deliver the packages.
   We cannot be held responsible for missing packages.

Please note INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES ARE NOT ALWAYS TRACKED ONCE THEY LEAVE THE USA. This service is only available if you choose express shipping or add registered mail to your package. (additional fees)

If you need or want to confirm the shipping charges in advance, please contact us.

Transit Times/Shipping Alert: Due to new Covid19 procedures, transit times are longer than usual. Please make sure to anticipate this when ordering. This isn't something we can control and we appreciate your understanding.

Below are some estimated times based on what we are seeing at the moment but are subject to change.

USA Orders
First Class - 7 - 10 business days (usually 3-5)
Priority - 3 - 5 business days (usually 2-3)

International Orders
First Class 6-8 weeks (usually 2-6)
International 10-14 Business Days (usually 7-10)

Late or Missing Packages

If your package is taking longer than the estimated time frame below, please contact us and we will see what information we can find out. We usually only have the same information available as what is on the tracking page.

USA Packages: The USPS uses GPS Tracking for Delivery for US orders, so they will know exactly where a package was delivered. Please allow for the time frame above. Contact us if it goes outside of this delivery schedule. If you think your package is missing, please contact us so we can put an inquiry into them. 

International Packages: Please allow for the time frame above. Contact us if it goes outside this delivery schedule. If you think your package is missing, please email us so we can put an inquiry into them.  

This article might help -

Sample Policies

Garden of Wisdom offers reasonably priced Finished Product sample size products in almost every area of skin care. We always encourage purchasing a sample size of the product you are considering adding to your routine.  This helps to ensure any possible skin sensitivities will be recognized and skin compatibility will be solely at your discretion.

Return Policies

Garden of Wisdom cannot accept returns for raw materials that have been opened (oils, powders, butters, hydrosols, actives, etc.) unless there is a defect in the raw material or the wrong product was shipped to you.

We will only offer store credit for unopened Finished Products which do not  have a sample size available. Samples are considered the smallest size of any product. For example, of the 1 oz and 4 oz Hydrating Mists we offer, the 1 oz is the sample size, and since our serums are offered as either .25 oz or 1 oz, the .25 oz is the sample size. If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you are considering the addition of a new product to your routine, we encourage you to first purchase the sample size before purchasing the full size. Skin compatibility will be solely at your discretion, therefore it's best to invest in the sample size to allow for possible skin sensitivities.

When returning a full size opened product (for store credit) that did not have a sample size available, please notify us first to request authorization.

You MUST get an authorization to return any product. While there will not be a restocking fee for returns, we will only offer store credit for the original purchase price of the product itself, not the cost of shipping to you or the cost of the return shipping to us.

Please contact us for returns and the address to return to.

Ingredient Disclaimer Policies

We sell ingredients with the understanding that you are going to do your own research to know how to use each ingredient you are purchasing. We cannot be held liable for misuse of our ingredients that we supply. Some ingredients do not have a specific amount to use and is up to the discretion of the formulator.

We do supply the following information
  •     Suggested Percentage of Use
  •     Solubility
  •     Purity
  •     Shelf Life
  •     Any Safety Considerations
  •     Formulas
We do not, by default - supply the following information:
  • COA
  • MSDS
  • GC/MS Reports
  • Tech Sheets
We do not keep CoA and MSDS on hand regularly, We are a small company that mostly supplies to small companies or DIY (Do it Yourself) and we go through ingredients pretty quickly as we do not buy in large bulk amounts.

To keep all of this information on hand for these files, it would require us to hire more people just to keep this information updated. We would have to raise our prices higher in order to make up for this. We don't want to raise our prices and most customers have not asked for this information so we want to keep everything simple.

We do charge $2 per file when requested after purchase.

If you require a Certificate of Analysis or other documentation
for one of our cosmetic raw materials, please email us before
placing your order - so we can make this sure this is available.

Note about Essential Oils - please thoroughly research Essential Oils before using them. They are not meant for internal use. They are also not meant for neat (direct) use. (despite what other sites or books might say) Serious sensitization can occur and it is not reversible. Email us for References.

Note about Carrier Oils -  Most of our carrier oils can be used at 100% although some are rich and you may desire to dilute them. Testing them out, researching and experiencing them for yourself can be very helpful. Please do not keep the dropper that comes with the oil, in the oil. The oil can eventually soak into the rubber dropper and "eat" it" We are changing our glass bottles to have caps, instead of droppers as we run through stock.

Please read our Shelf Life Page

Email Us if you need resources to learn about Formulating, or Essential Oils.

If you are unsure about any of our return policies, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at


Garden of Wisdom, its owner and employee(s) will not be held responsible for any results obtained from the purchase or sampling of any raw materials, whether effective, safe, harmful or otherwise.

The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires that our raw materials are not labeled to be a cure, treatment, or as otherwise noted, disease preventable.
Consumers/customers are advised to conduct their own tests to determine efficacy, safety, and suitability of purchased raw materials whether used alone or in conjunction with other companies' raw materials. We will not be held responsible for irresponsible use of our raw materials.

Any information regarding recipes, formulas, or links to this type of information are at the discretion of the recipient and can only be recognized as information and educational. All information has been gathered from various sources. Any information (including descriptions of raw materials) used from this site is the sole responsibility of the replicator of said information. We do pledge that any information in this site is, to the best of our knowledge, true and complete. When an error is detected we will update the information as deemed appropriate.

Garden of Wisdom's liability under this agreement shall be limited to replacing the product or refunding the customers purchase price, excluding shipping charges. Garden of Wisdom shall not be liable for any claims by the customer including lost profits, damage to business or goodwill or any other significant damages of any kind. This includes any product claims resulting from the marketing of the customer where the customer has mixed, blended, misrepresented, or packaged products which contain raw materials sold by Garden of Wisdom.

The purchaser agrees to consult with a licensed healthcare practitioner if the product ordered is intended as a dietary supplement, nutraceutical, or consumable food item.

Thank You For Understanding and Thank You
For Shopping with Garden of Wisdom!