Advanced Telomere Repair and AntiAging Serum


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This serum is an advanced repair and antioxidant serum that will help with anti-aging and much more. Telomeres are important because they extend the life of skin cells. Unfortunately, as we age, we accumulate toxins, free radicals, and chemicals in our skin, which damage the telomeres, causing the telomeres to shorten. Resveratrol helps extend these telomeres by increasing telomerase activity in the skin. We have also included powerful antioxidants, pomegranate (in 3 forms - oil, Co2, and extract), Grapeseed Extract, and Glutathione (a critical component of our skin's ability to detoxify and get rid of environmental pollutants and toxins). We are so excited about this serum, and we hope you love it and give us feedback too! :)

Method of Application
Apply generously to face and neck 1-2 x per day.

Advanced Telomere Repair and AntiAging Serum