Allantoin Powder



Allantoin Powder is a non-irritating ingredient that soothes and protects the skin. With the ability to help heal the skin and stimulate the growth of new tissue. Allantoin is a known keratolytic, meaning that it can increase the water content of cells while also aiding in the process of desquamation (fancy word for peeling) of the outer layers of skin.

Properties anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, skin protectant, along with promoting cell renewal allantoin also promotes keratolysis.

INCI: Allantoin (Lab Derived)  
Purity: 98%
Physical Form: White Crystalline Powder
Melting Point: 238°C
Applications: Topical
Usage Rate: Up to 2% (start at a .1% or lower)
Solubility: Water Soluble at less than 2%
   (It is best to incorporate this into the water phase of your emulsion.  If adding to a water-based product, it is best to add
   to water 120°F or below to avoid crystallization and/or stability issues.)

Allantoin Powder