Avocado Oil Refined


SKU: CO-192

Avocado oil is easily absorbed into the skin and promotes cell regeneration, making it a good healer for damaged skin. It also helps aid in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema, as well as sensitive skin. A natural antibacterial, avocado oil helps to eliminate acne and stubborn blemishes. Great for all skin types, especially sensitive, inflamed, and dry. Perfect for prematurely aged skin, as avocado has anti-wrinkle properties. 

Properties antibacterial, healing, antiwrinkle, healing to skin conditions such as eczema, sensitive skin, and dry skin

Botanical Name: Persea gratissima
Origin: France
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed/Refined
Color: Clear Goldish Green (very pale)
Derived From: The Fruit
Contains: high in Vitamin E, lecithin and phytosterols
Base Oil: can be used up to 100%
Shelf Life: up to 18 months and longer if kept refrigerated
Application:  all skins, especially prematurely aged, sensitive, inflamed and dry

Fatty Acid Profile

Oleic Acid 50–80%
Palmitic Acid 12–20%
Linoleic Acid 6–18%
Palmitoleic Acid 2–13% C16:1
Alpha-Linolenic Acid 5% max.
Stearic Acid 1-2%
Unsaponifiables 2-11%