Babassu Oil


SKU: CO-19

Healing and non-drying to the skin, Babassu oil conditions the skin, leaving it smooth and soft. This oil has a buttery consistency during cold weather.

Properties, commonly used for soap making, emollient (conditioning), non-drying

    Botanical Name: Attalea speciosa
    Origin: Brazil
    Extraction Method: expeller pressed/refined
    Color:  white / semi solid
    Derived From:  the kernel
    Contains: very high in essential fatty acids
    Base Oil:  can be used up to 100%
    Shelf Life:  up to 2 years (very long shelf life)

    Fatty Acid Profile

    Lauric Acid 47.3% C12:0
    Myristic Acid 14.5% C14:0
    Oleic Acid 12.2%
    Capric Acid 8.3% C10:0
    Caprylic Acid 7.1% C 8:0
    Palmitic Acid 7.1% C16:0
    Stearic Acid 2.0%
    Linoleic Acid 1.1%
    Caproic Acid 0.3% C6:0