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Cacay Seed Oil


Properties super high in Vitamin E, super high in Vitamin A, super high in Linoleic Acid, considered one of the new "anti-aging" oils, anti-oxidant, regenerative

    Botanical Name: Caryodendron orinocense

    Origin: Brazil
    Extraction Method: cold pressed / UNrefined
    Color: light to medium orange
    Derived From:  the seed
    Contains: this oil is a non-GMO vegetable plant derived oil with a mild, pleasant odor.
    It is biodegradable and not-toxic and has not been tested on animals.
    Base Oil: can be used up to 100% strength
    Shelf Life: 2 years

    Fatty Acid Profile
    • C14:0 myristic 0.1
    • C16:0 palmitic  9.10
    • C16:1 palmitoleic  0.1
    • C18:0 stearic 3.00
    • C18:1 oleic 12.65
    • C18:2 linoleic  68.05
    • C20:0 arachidic  0.5