Calendula Blossoms (Organic) Infused into Organic Olive Oil


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Garden of Wisdom's Calendula Blossom Infused Oil stimulates the formation of new tissue and has anti-inflammatory properties which are soothing to the skin. Excellent for damaged or injured skin tissue, as calendula gently promotes blood circulation, which helps with the healing process.

Why is our oil better? We do a process called "double maceration." This means that after the first infusion, we take the oil and infuse it again with fresh, dried flowers. Many people are under the assumption that new is the only way to invest in calendula flowers, when in fact, if done fresh, the water content causes the integrity of the oil to drop, and it becomes rancid more quickly. This is why we use dried blossoms.

Properties regenerative, anti-inflammatory, soothing, promotes circulation

    Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis
    Origin: USA / Organic
    Extraction Method: Our Calendula Oil is produced using Certified Organic Virgin Olive Oil, cold pressed and infused with Certified (fresh dried) Calendula Blossoms. The oil is strained through unbleached cheesecloth for purity, producing the finest Calendula Oil available.
    Color:  Yellow
    Derived From: The Whole Organic Calendula Flower (not just the petals)
    Contains: Rich in Nourishing Vitamins
    Base Oil:  Can be used up to 100% strength
    Shelf Life: 1 year

    Sediment from the Calendula Blossoms is natural. Although we filter the final product several times, there will always be some sediment. This is natural and good. This tells you that it is genuinely an infused oil and that it was not made with an extract. With even a bit of sediment, the oil will continue to infuse and become darker.  You can run this through a coffee filter to strain if this is bothersome.

    Calendula Blossoms (Organic) Infused into Organic Olive Oil