Cape Chestnut Oil aka Yangu Oil


SKU: CO-528

 Properties conditioning, healing, used for cracking skin, helps psoriasis, scaling and eczema

    Botanical Name: Calodendrum Capense
    Origin: Uganda (wild sourced)
    Origin: Slightly woody
    Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
    Color: Light to medium (very thick) orange (liquid at room temperature)
    Derived From: the seed
    Contains: a high content of essential fatty acids with an inherent ultra-violet protection factor, this oil, high in antioxidants lends a beautiful quality to skin and hair formulations.
    Base Oil: can be used up to 100% strength
    Shelf Life: 1 year plus (if kept refrigerated)
    Application: all skins, conditioning without the characteristic oily feel

    Fatty Acid Profile

    • palmitic 17.6%
    • palmitoleic 0.7%
    • stearic 5.7%
    • oleic 47.7%
    • linoleic 26.7%
    • linolenic 0.7%