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Carnauba Wax


Derived from the leaves of the carnauba palm.  Used as a hardening agent to
give products such as lipsticks or hair balms their form.

INCI: Copernica cerifera

* Carnauba Wax is FDA approved for use in cosmetics
* It is the hardest of all waxes with a melting point of 80-86 degrees
* Very compatible with most animal, vegetable and mineral waxes
* Vegan friendly and can be subbed for beeswax although use LESS!

Physical Form: hard, brittle, yellow pellets
Solubility: oil soluble
Country of Origin: USA
Storage: keep in closed container, preferably out of the light
Best Used By: one year from date of purchase
Suggested Usage Rate: up to formulators discretion
Shelf Life Once Used in Manufacturing: depending on formulation method up to 2 years