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Carrot Seed Co2 Ext


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Product Information

Carrot Seed Co2 Extract contains mainly volatile components. Carrot Seed is known for its anti-aging, healing, antiseptic, antioxidant (packed with beta-carotene), disinfectant, nourishing, natural tightening of skin, excellent for eczema, psoriasis, antiseptic and on and on ..

Raw material: Daucus carota - Seeds  

Production: By supercritical fluid extraction with natural carbon dioxide, no solvent residues, no inorganic salts, no heavy metals, no reproducible microorganisms [1]. 
Light yellow, liquid oil with characteristic carrot smell.  

INCI-Name: Daucus Carota Sativa Seed Extract Co2

CAS-No. 84929-61-3, EINECS-No. 284-545-1 

Ingredients: 60 - 80 % essential oil with 45 - 70 % carotol, caryophyllene, bisabolene, further sesquiphellandrene, pinene, farnesene.  

Application: In cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, for treatment of hurts, bruises and inflammations, for wound healing and increasing the granulation, for dry sensitive skin, in face creams, sun lotions, lipsticks, hair shampoos, bath additives.  

Shelf Life: unopened container under cool and dry storage conditions and exclusion of light at least 5 years

Dosage: 0.1 - 0.3%

This product is 100% natural and contains no additives. It is not blended, diluted or formulated. It is a pure and natural flavor extract.