Cherry Healing Serum


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Garden of Wisdom's Cherry Healing Serum was originally developed to help soothe eczema, this serum has also been wonderfully restorative to those with Rosacea and sensitive, irritated skin. This serum hydrates, heals inflamed, itchy skin and encourages healthy cell development. It’s safe to use on children, too.

Method of Application
Use this serum as needed to soothe and heal the affected area. Then use as needed for maintenance. This serum is complimentary to our other healing serums: Repair and Recovery Serum, Oh No! What Did I Do To My Skin? and the Oat Enriched Serum.

This serum has a very strong smell due to the healing ingredient glutathione! Don't let this dissuade you from the healing nature of this ingredient.

Cherry Healing Serum

Customer Reviews

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Fresh, soft feel

I've tried a few different serums for different purposes, but I found that this cherry serum felt the best on my rosacea (type 2) skin. It doesn't leave a drying feeling afterwards (though I always follow up with a few drops of the prickly pear oil anyway), and it really has a healing and soothing effect on my skin almost immediately! Feels fresh and soft :) Thanks to GOW's skin consultant Jen, I am happy to have found this product!

So glad to hear this is working for you :) Thank you!

Great for sensitive skin

I started using this serum recently after reading some reviews and looking at the ingredients. I am not disappointed. This product helps moisterize, calm, plump, and make my skin look dewy. Similar in ways to the Butterfly Peptide product that GOW sells, this helps calm and lessen redness in my reactive, mature skin. I use it after cleansing while my skin in still moist. Let sit a minute, then I add facial oil. It blends together beautifully and helps my skin look great.

Thank you so much! This is one of our favorite calming serums :)

So soothing!

The cherry healing serum is another staple in my daily GOW routine. It is so soothing and healing and feels great on my skin. Sometimes it smells like glutathione but I got used to it and even like it now, and most of the time it just smells faintly like the cherry distillate, which I love! I have used this serum on bad sunburns, too, and it took the burn down a couple notches and healed it fast!

Thank you for taking the time to share about this serum! It is worth it! :)

healthy plumping glow

I love all the GOW products that Jen has recommended to me, but this is definitely one of my favorites! It has very subtle cherry scent and nice gel like consistency. When I put it on, my skin loves it. The serum makes it "glowy" but also matte at the same time... I know this may sound like a contradiction, but it's remarkable. Feels like it creates a plump clean healthy canvas to then apply the ceramides on top for hydration.

We're so happy your skin loves this product! Thank you!

A repeat purchase for me!

I know that the glutathione is supposed to have a "strong scent" but I actually dont mind it at all b/c it also has a pleasant cherry scent. I cant comment on the healing benefits of this serum b/c I use it as more of a protective measure as glutathione is a great antioxidant. My skin just really loves this stuff!

We're so glad you are liking this serum! Even more that you don't mind the smell! :)