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Product Information

Cyclomethicone works in a variety of ways. Used for its ability as a conditioning agent, solvent, humectant, carrying agent and viscosity controlling agent. Cyclomethicone has a unique fluidity that makes it easily spreadable. Because its molecules are too big to physically penetrate the skin, it does not have any true moisturizing properties, but rather mostly functions as a carrying agent for other ingredients contained in a product. It's particularly useful at quickly delivering nutrients to the skin & hair and evaporating into the air.

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When added to creams, lotions and hair products this will help detangle, condition and creates a smooth and yet velvety feel! Many people call this a "dry spray" and use is successfully in their linens and body sprays! 

When used in salt/sugar scrubs it helps to eliminate the oily feel. 

INCI: Cyclomethicone NF 
Suggested Usage Rate: up to 5%, depends on your formulas! 
Solubility: Oil 
Shelf Life: 5 years