Cypress Leaf Hydrosol


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Cypress is calming and soothing to irritated skin. It is a natural antiseptic, which makes it an excellent acne fighter. Cypress has a diuretic effect on the skin, and can help to treat varicose veins. As it has a natural evergreen scent, it is great for gentlemen seeking a hydrosol that is less flowery. As a styptic, cypress hydrosol can also be used to help stop the bleeding of cuts on the face from shaving. Great for any skin type, especially acne prone. Avoid during the first trimester of pregnancy, and if you have kidney issues.

Properties aromatic, calming, soothing, astringent, antiseptic, styptic (stops bleeding)

Method of Application

Use as a refreshing spritz as desired, and during the hydration stages of your routine. May also be used on neck and body. This hydrosol may be used as a substitute for distilled water for formulations. Can be used in conjunction with creams and lotions and in dry or wet clay recipes.

We do preserve our hydrosols with a miniscule amount of Optiphen.

Botanical Name: Cupressus sempervirens
Organic:  No
Country of Origin:  Canada
Process of Distillation:  Steam distilled
Solubility:  Water soluble

Cypress Leaf Hydrosol