Eyelash Conditioner


SKU: ES-4s

Product Information

A blend of oils reputed to condition and strengthen eyelashes.

We do NOT claim this will grow longer, thicker eyelashes.

Oil Blend Ingredients

Castor Oil
Apricot Seed Oil
Kukui Nut Oil
Brahmi Infused Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Sapolo Oil

Method of Application

This should be used at night before bed after removing make-up and sufficient time for your eyelashes to dry.  Apply (sparingly) as you would mascara.

Customer Feedback

I absolutely LOVE this eyelash conditioner. I use to rub castor oil on my eyelashes at night but I always wished it came in a mascara tube. My wish came try when I found your product. Plus you added all these wonderful goodies to caster oil. My lashes are definately long and stronger. Also I love the fact that it comes in 3 small tubes. This product is very easy to use and effective. The eyelash conditioner is a holy grail product for me. A product that will always be on my reorder list

I achieved fantastic results with Eyelash Conditioner that Markey recently did and wanted to share it with all of you. I read on one forum that castor oil will lengthen your lashes and generally will improve the quality of them, making them sicker. Even doctors recommend using it after you did your lash extension and took them off because it helps better healing for your natural lashes. I didn’t have any lash extension but just decided to try to see whether it will change my lashes at all.

I asked Markey to do it and she as usual did a wonderful job. Instead of putting just Castor oil, she put the entire mixture of good oils in mascara tube and gave it to me for free. Actually 3 mascara tubes with blended oils. I am using it already for a month and results are stunning (I was pessimistic about it at the beginning)!

My lashes became a longer, thicker, fluffier and generally when I apply mascara now, you can totally see every single lash, how beautiful it is. I think what happened is that my lashes stayed the same length but those that were weak or damaged a bit, grow up making overall look as if I applied false lashes.

SO, guys, both thumbs are up!!!!! Try this conditioner and you will see in a month that your lashes are just stunning. I usually apply it as you would apply mascara before going to sleep. I will not recommend it applying during the day because oil may irritate your eyes. But when you are asleep, you are not blinking, that’s why it does not matter.

In a month you will see huge difference. In every day life when I do not apply mascara, I do not see such a stunning difference but when you apply mascara on your grown and healthy lashes, you will see that dramatic change.

I am very very HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Markey you are doll and make all of us dolls as well!!!!!\