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Fuller's Earth Clay has been around for quite some time and recent developments from the natural cosmetics and skincare industries have helped to resurrect this useful clay as more beneficial than just a solvent that simply soaks up spilled auto oil! Fullers Earth Clay was awarded its name several hundred years ago when wool textile workers or "Fullers" created a time-saving concoction to remove the dense oils from sheep's wool. This brew included water, urine, soapwort and an abundant "clay" that was in hearty supply. Because of its ability to literally soak up oil and remove dense properties from any given material, it was found to be a highly profitable and useful product for modern manufacturers.

Since then its most prominent use has been for post production kitty litter, meow! And as a bulk garage clay that many mechanics use to soak up oil and other automotive spills.

Don't let this frighten you from trying it on your skin! It marvels in comparison to other "whitening clays" and so far has outperformed any material to help clean oily and acne-prone skin. The type of Fullers Earth Clay one should apply to the skin would be a mixture of open mined minerals of montmorillonite and a small mixture of bentonite. Most industrial Fullers Earth products are not pre-blended so do not go to an auto supply warehouse and have them special order it for you!

Fuller's Earth is a naturally occurring sedimentary clay composed mainly of alumina, silica, iron oxides, lime, magnesia, and water, in extremely variable proportions.

It has the incredible ability to remove oils and impurities from the skin and produces a lightening effect on the outer epidermal layer. This is why we have seen several products marketed as "facial bleach" or "skin bleaching" clay .

It comes highly recommended to those with acne problems, blemishes, spotting, and people prone to oily skin. It is also a useful base ingredient for facial clay recipes and adds a nice finishing touch to clay products promising to aid its user with their battle against oily skin.

    Fuller's Earth Clay